RT Talks: Emily May – Fostering Hope Psychology

About nature, energy and connection… how to re-imagine our personal, business and mountain biking life as we know it.

One of the people I have been following and looking up to has been one of our racers, Emily May, a psychologist.

Did you know that she raced at the very first Jetblack 24 Hour at Del Rio with us in 2009?!? Many of you will know her from Rocky Trail cross-country as well as downhill and superflow start lines and over the past few months she has been someone I have looked up to for guidance and inspiration.

Emily is currently taking a break from actively practising as a psychologist. Among her clients in recent years, however, have been pro-athletes and she says that over the years she has learned that when she supports them with ‘unlocking’ how their mind works throughout processes in training and competing, that they can become more aware of how they can nurture their mental health. She says, that mental health is relevant for us all – across all levels of riding and racing and very relevant for everyday life.

Last year, during our first shut-down, we talked to with her about the power of being in nature and how we can embrace mindfulness in a non-judgmental way when we are out on track. Martin and I had just returned from Europe, straight into the lockdown of March 2020.

She provides insights into why our lives as cyclists and mountain bikers can become so derailed when our sports activities are ‘taken away’ or ‘limited’ by crisis like the COVID-19 outbreak or injuries. Emily encourages us to ‘re-imagine the sport’ for our everyday and racing lives so that we can build up resilience in such crisis situations.

Why shouldn’t mental health become a part of our race preparations like nutrition, endurance and skills training? And, why can merely the thought of your favourite trails evoke feelings of happiness and why can we handle stress and crisis situations better when we feel connected to ‘our tribe‘, our community?

A really insightful perspective not just for mountain bikers, but active outdoor people in general, I think.

Enjoy, Juliane Wisata

Video Log

Recorded in April 2020 – watch the video or listen to the audio podcast below.

Audio Podcast

Emily May, Fostering Hope Psychology, April 2020

About Juliane’s journey

I have been on an intense journey over the last 12 months – Rocky Trail Entertainment has experienced some very challenging ‘coming of age’ events in 2019 whilst entering an exciting growth phase. As a business owner I had all the management gadgets in my ‘entrepreneurial tool belt’ and we are in a really good place with an amazing team and inspiring customer base and community that keeps evolving with us.

However, at the same time on a personal level as a mum and rider for the first time in my life I experienced pressures on my mental health, which I had taken for granted all my life. Since being diagnosed with Tinnitus in January 2020, I have been on a path into the realm of building my resilience. This journey I know and trust will last a lifetime. And I find comfort in that.

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