Season Finale 2020: Shimano MTB GP Series

The Shimano MTB GP Season is one of Australia’s longest-standing and most popular cross-country enduro racing series. Launced in 2009 it has established itself in NSW and the ACT with its 4 and 7 hour challenges and this year it has been introduced to mountain bike racers in Queensland. Over 800 riders with more than 2,000 race starts took part in the events and the NSW/ACT Season has two more races to go!

GP racing – Two more Saturdays this year!

Rocky Trail Running – Sundays

With it’s traditional Saturday format we have been planning to organise a trail running series at selected venues for 2021 on the Sundays! The first test event will take place at Mogo in Batemans Bay NSW this weekend 21+22 November and we will run one more RUN as part of the Diamonds Women’s Only race at Majura Pines in Canberra ACT!

Interested? Give it a go and sign up for Mogo now, spread the word! Read more about our Rocky Trail Running plans…

Can’t wait to see you at the Rocky Trail start line in Mogo and Majura!

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