Seasons Greetings from Rocky Trail | 2020

Here’s to new beginnings

We wish all our #rockytrailracers, supporters, sponsors, friends, fans and crew a relaxing Holiday Season. May it be filled with laughter and fun. It’s been a tough year for everyone and it seems we all have to hang in there for a little longer.

We surely wouldn’t have been able to “do 2020” without our Rocky Trail community. To know that you all have our backs and support and trust in our decisions and the way we have adjusted the way we host our races, that has been invaluable and the single source of motivation and strength.

Juliane and Martin, our founders, have been the driving forces behind the biggest ever Rocky Trail Season with thanks to an amazing management team – Jo Parker and Bob Morris have excelled not only in launching Rocky Trail racing in Queensland, but their initiative, support and experience have been invaluable to navigate through the maze that has been Covid-19 regulations and rules in our “Rocky Trail World”. Our crew has been incredible, always rearing to go and still smiling and encouraging us and you all along the way.

Where to from here?

We so wish we could say, that the 2021 Events Calendar is set in stone. However, the last few months have taught us to be vigilant, flexible and attentive and we will just keep powering on. We will keep on top of all rules and regulations to keep you all safe in a fair way – and of course, we’ll still deliver some kick-ass races – in NSW, QLD, the ACT and in VIC!

This is our promise to you.

To our #rockytrailracers.

To our sponsors.

To our supporters, all those wonderful families, partners and friends who come along to the events.

To the health authorities, destination and venue partners and communities we are so blessed to be racing in.

We will do absolutely everything in our power to continue to bring you “races that rock” and we will “make every race count”, just like we did in 2020. We will keep you in the loop, we will give you enough notice and thank you in advance for continued trust, passion and love for our community and those ‘rocky trails’.

We’re all in this together.

Now, have lots of cookies, way too much food and enjoy those Holidays. We’ll keep you posted about everything.

Thank you, thank you for making this all so worthwhile.

Juliane & Martin Wisata and the Rocky Trail Team.