Shimano MTB GP cross-country racing – FAQ and what to expect

Is there always a mass start? Yes – and the first lap tends to be a little ‘slow’ as people find there place. Get to the front if you want to pin, or relax at the back.

Will I get in peoples way? No, there is always lots of places to pass and you will hear ‘rider’ or ‘rider right’ to let you know someone is behind. You don’t have to pull over (you can if you want) just let them have enough space and its fine.

Will people get in my way? Everyone has the same course, the same areas of single track and there are long stretches where you can pass multiple bikes astride.

​I want to pass, should I just yell louder? Relax, this is not a world cup, this is a community of riders. Pass when its safe. Do not get on peoples tyre and freak them out. Nobody likes that person.

​4 hours is long, can I take a break? Yep, most people take a little rest after each lap.

What should I pack? Food and water, try to bring a few water bottles so you can swap them out. Some electrolyte tabs are always a good idea.

​Is the course challenging? We use XC courses, that are ridable on 120mm hardtails (people do them on rigids). Its going up and down a huge mountain, cardio wise, you can make it as hard as you want to.

​Will someone older in lycra smoke me? Yes, 100%, some older males and females have speed that makes no sense, and they will wear you down and probably pass you.

​Do I need to wear lycra? Nup – baggies and jersey is fine.

​Can I wear lycra? Yep, plenty of people will.

​Is it fun? Yep, its a laugh for young, old, male and female.