Shimano MTB GP launches new XC racing format in Australia

Season 2023: “The thrill of the climb, the rush of the descent.”

This 2023 Rocky Trail Season, get ready for a new XC racing format in Australia!

From the creators of the Shimano MTB Grand Prix cross-country racing series comes an innovative concept that will push you to your limits and make you conquer the trails. The new Shimano MTB Grand Prix will all be about the thrill of the climb and the rush of the descents. With series events across NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC, each race will offer a challenge that is completely tailored to the individual race track we’re on. Because after all, it’s in our name, it’s in our DNA – it’s always been about the rocky trails!

Shimano MTB Grand Prix: XC racing on rocky trails since 2009

The Shimano MTB Grand Prix 2.0 will include everything you love about lap racing – you will be racing on a closed circuit of MTB trails. There will be the General Classification and Age Group Categories for solos and pairs teams. You will get to experience the exhilaration of the mass start, standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow #rockytrailracers in the grid, getting the countdown before the adrenaline kicks in as you start heading out on course. The clock starts ticking.

Here’s what’s new in 2023

We will set the number of laps that have to be completed based on the terrain and conditions of each racetrack. With a 4 hour time limit, each race is sure to test your endurance, skill and determination.

Because. There’s a twist.

The actual race length of the race is determined by one person: the outright race leader.

This means that as of 2023, as soon as the race leader (solo or team) reaches the required number of laps or the 4 hour mark in the Shimano MTB GP, the chequered flag signals the race finish and every rider behind the race leader is a finisher.

The aim is for the race leader to complete approximately 75km. All riders that are still on course at the point in time when the race leader crosses the finish line, may finish the lap they are on, which still counts. No new laps may be started after the race leader has finished the race.

Rocky Trail Pace Points: the reward for pushing yourself

All Shimano MTB GP events are part of Rocky Trail’s cross-country racing line-up of events and in 2023 we are implementing our “Pace Points System”. Competitors will be able to accumulate points across all our cross-country events, including our marathon and ultra-endurance – and some partner events too. A pace-based algorithm developed by Rocky Trail will produce an innovative ranking output and you may just score big with Pace Points! You’ll be able not only to reach your goals but to earn Rocky Trail Rewards too! The first set of Pace Points can be collected with the system’s launch on 5 March at our Willo Marathon.

The Shimano MTB GP Series 2023 launches at Stromlo Forest Park on 25 March, registration opens soon. Dates for the NSW/ACT Series with Awaba MTB Park and Coondoo in Nowra as well as more series venues across the East Coast to be confirmed in the next few weeks.

The “revamped” Shimano MTB Grand Prix will offer more excitement, more room for race strategies, more stories, more data, more statistics and will be open to riders of all skill levels.
Juniors or adults, noobs or experienced racers, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s a place for you on the GP track. It will be an opportunity to test your determination and grit, push your limits and be part of an unforgettable experience.

Join us for a day of exciting Rocky Trail racing, camaraderie and an adrenaline-fueled adventure at the Shimano MTB GP’s this year!

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