Shimano MTB Grand Prix

Welcome to the #rockytrailcommunity and the World of Shimano Mountain Bike Grand Prix Racing!

Racing is a matter of spirit not strength.

Our GP series may just be the most inclusive series in Australia! From the first time between the tape to people that have spent a lifetime training for power output, we have you covered when you line up at the Rocky Trail start line!

Podium chasers

Line up with Australia’s elites and experienced endurance racers – we’ll put you to the test!

Casual racers

Catch the racing bug with us – slapping on a Rocky Trail race plate can be addictive!

Racing isn’t (just)
about how long it takes you to get from the start to the finish.
It’s (also) about the adventure
you have along the way, the people you meet and

the unique moments you share.

Solo or Teams

… across junior and adult age groups.

4 or 7 Hours

… your endurance challenge on rocky trails!

Awesome rocky trails

… that everyone will love in NSW, QLD and the ACT!

Limited offer: pay 4, get 5 entries – ends Xmas

2020 line-up


Amazing club trails in NSW State Forests and the one and only Glenrock MTB Park!


Get ready for a race track at Stromlo Forest Park inspired by our local racers!


Tropical trail goodness awaits as we resurrect a legendary race in Townsville.

This is your Shimano GP World