Shimano MTB Grand Prix

Welcome to the #rockytrailcommunity and the World of Shimano Mountain Bike Grand Prix Racing!

Racing is a matter of spirit not strength.

What MTB GP Racing?

Our Mountain Bike Grand Prix may just be the most inclusive cross-country racing series of events in Australia! From the first time between the tape to people that have spent a lifetime training for power output, we have you covered when you line up at the Rocky Trail start line! This is cross-country racing at its best!

Special COVID-19 measures in place

4 hour – GP4 and
7 hour – GP7

Lap-based race format.

Race day: Saturday

These events are run for solo racers, pairs and in teams of three and offer four (GP4) or seven hour (GP7) options.
We love a ‘gun start’ but social distancing must restrict the number of people massing on a start grid, so we will have multiple start waves.

There are age-group and eBike categories. Racers receive a placing in their age category and in an online General Classification (GC).
Saturday is the main day of racing on awesome trails and exciting destinations.

Important: Special COVID-19 Race Rules in place!

We are adapting our original MTB GP schedule and format slightly to comply with COVID-19 regulations and manage event participant traffic. – All competitors please sign up online and please note that event accreditation is mandatory for any spectator, supporter or media. You must sign up via the race portal (free admission for visitor accreditation, but limited spots)!

Racing isn’t (just)
about how long it takes you to get from the start to the finish.
It’s (also) about the adventure
you have along the way, the people you meet and

the unique moments you share.

Be a #rockytrailracer!

GP racing

Less of a winners-only-focused competition, but a positive and inclusive experience for all racers.

Podium chasers

Line up with Australia’s elites and experienced endurance racers – we’ll put you to the test!

Casual racers

Catch the racing bug with us – slapping on a Rocky Trail race plate can be addictive!

2020 Line-Up

This is your Shimano GP World

Have been racing with and involved with the Rocky Trail Entertainment team for some 7 years now. The JetBlack MTB Racing loves being a part of this awesome calendar of racing which has covered XC, Flow & DH. There is NO promoter in the country that can deliver what Rocky Trail does for the MTB public both on and off the trails. Looking forward to again hitting the dirt with the team who have been busy training in isolation ready for the re-commencement of season 2020.

Michael, Jetblack Racing Team Manager

Via Facebook Review, 30 April 2020

So many reasons to keep coming back to these events. For me it’s meeting friends at rego, saying hi to Martin Wisata and the team before the race, enjoying the pre-race nerves during the briefing and whilst lined up behind the flags, the buzz of the start and the all out gas on lap 1 followed by 7 hours of great trails. I ride solo but the vibe at the end of each lap in the event centre is great, from the music blaring to random riders cheering you on from the sidelines. Having some of the nations best riders there is great, but not once have I seen any arrogance or aggressive behaviour on the trails which goes to show the atmosphere created at the races is spot on!
It’s an overall mix of friendship, fun and competitiveness. Missing it and can’t wait to be back!!


Via Facebook, April 2020

Great staff, MTB racing in NSW has been revitalized thanks to Martin and his crew.


Via Google Review, August 2019

Well run event, friendly service, good course markings and priced reasonably. Thanks for a good day out.


Via Facebook Review, 17 April 2018