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2020 Entry fees

  • GP4 Solo $89 (Adult)
  • GP4 Solo U18 $50 (U18)
  • GP4 Team 2 $150 (if all team members are Adults)
  • GP4 Team 2 U18 $75 (if all team members are U18)
  • GP7 Solo $99 (Adult)
  • GP7 Solo U18 $60 (U18)
  • GP7 Team 2 $165 (if all team members are Adults)
  • GP7 Team 3 $199 (if all team members are Adults)
  • GP7 Team 2 U18 $85 (if all team members are U18)
  • GP7 Team 3 U18 $99 (if all team members are U18)

Team entry fees are calculated based on each riders age. So if Adults and Juniors are racing together in a team each individual team member will be charged as follows:

Adult per personU18 per person
GP4 Solo$89$50
GP4 Team 2$75$37.50
GP7 Solo$99$60
GP7 Team 2$82.50$42.50
GP7 Team 3$66.33$33

Age group calculation

Age determination day is December 31 of the current racing year, meaning how old you are at the end of the year determines which category you can race.

If you are racing in a team where riders fall in different age groups the following rules apply:

  • If all team riders are 19 years or older then the youngest defines the age group.
  • If one team rider is under 19 then the average age will define the age group.

Racing the series

  • To qualify for overall series wins, riders need to complete at least 3 races in one category.
  • Racers will accumulate points against their name in each category they compete in.
  • Names must be spelled exactly the same way in all races. It is the responsibility of the rider to double check the correct spelling in the pointscore.
  • Racers can compete under different team names.
  • A rider can be in the points multiple times in different categories.
  • The best 6 races will count towards the overall series title.
  • Points scored in one category can’t be transferred to another.
  • After the second round we will publish the accumulated points.

How this works is explained in this blog post.


GP4 SoloMale FemaleMale e-BikeFemale e-Bike
GP4 Team 2MaleFemaleMixed
GP7 SoloMaleFemale
GP7 Team 2MaleFemaleMixed
GP7 Team 3MaleFemaleMixed

Age Groups

Under 15 (in the GP4 Team 2 only)
Under 18