Race Format

Be a #rockytrailracer at the Shimano MTB Grand Prix and join fellow mountain bikers for a ‘seriously fun’ racing experience!

In 2022 we are having yet again an evolution in this race series – the races are spread across NSW, QLD, VIC and the ACT! With the positive and inclusive atmosphere we’re known for, this is ideal for keen XC riders, pros and hobby riders alike. It’s for thriving mountain bikers of all ages, who seek the community spirit and thrill of classic XC racing – those who take their racing ‘seriously’ and the ones who enjoy an awesome personal challenge or day out with the mates.

Founded in 2009

The SHIMANO GP races were establised in 2009. Under the patronage of SHIMANO Cycling Australia and with its host of major sponsors and supporters it has grown to one of the major cross-country endurance racing series in Australia.

We love trails.

At the core of all our efforts to put together the annual racing calendar have and will always be the trails and supporting local clubs wherever possible.

Race tracks

We pick 8-10km circuits on undulating terrain and are proud that we can offer a huge variety of race tracks all along the Australian East Coast.

Live timing.

We use a state-of-the art live timing system that will allow you to check results instantly and remotely.

Our GP philosophy

Make this a smashfest, show off your sponsor logos, re-kindle your love for XC racing or catch the racing bug with us! From the first time between the tape to people that have spent a lifetime training for power output, we have you covered when you line up at the Rocky Trail start line! You will all enjoy the community spirit and classic XC racing thrill that Rocky Trail Entertainment delivers like no other – be a #rockytrailracer!

This is less of a winners-only-focused competition, but a positive and inclusive experience for all racers. If you are at the pointy end of GP/XC/Enduro or sponsored, don’t stress, we are building a overall points and ranking system to ensure if you are there to race, you can still have the fun you want. Each race is sure to test your endurance, skill and determination!

Race format and who wins

Race tracks: We aim to create 8-10km cross-country circuits and three different distance classifications will be set around the 25, 50 and 75 km mark.

How many laps? The number of laps required to be completed in each distance classification will be based on the terrain and conditions of each race track – therefore vary per event! We will be aiming for the event to still be concluding around the 4-hour mark.

Categories: The races have Age Group Categories for solos and pairs teams in all the distance challenges. The races will present four specialty Awards including KOM/QOM, Fastest Laptimes for adults and juinior as well as an GC Title for the Male and Female Heroes. The races also offer eBike categories in the Adventure distance.

Team riders of the first lap (who start the race for their teams) can after 1 lap hand over to the next team member or keep riding – that’s up to the teams to decide. As soon as you ride 1 lap per solo rider, respectively per team, your time counts and is valid in the final results.

Podium race plates come with a unique race number and timing chip, yours to keep and race with.

Race accolades

Generally, all top 3 podiums across all solo and pairs age groups receive podium race plates and accodales (1-2-3 stickers). These are special race plates already with timing chips, that the winners may use throughout the year at any Rocky Trail eent.

The races will present four specialty Awards including KOM/QOM, Fastest Laptimes for adults and juinior as well as an GC Title for the Male and Female Heroes. The races also offer eBike categories in the Adventure distance:

  • Yellow Fastest Solo Male and Female on Hero Distance
  • Polka Fastest KOM / QOM Time Accoustic Bikes
  • Green Fastest Lap Time Male and Female Accoustic Bike
  • White Junior Fastest Junior U19 Time Male and Female Accoustic Bike


  • e-bikes are not eligible for the special classifications
  • If riders win multiple race accolades they will only be awarded the highest one with the other(s) going to the runner up(s) – meaning every rider will only receive one plate per race and they are ranked in the following order: Yellow, White, Green, Polka dot

New: Pace Points System

All Shimano GP events are part of Rocky Trail’s cross-country racing line-up of events and in 2023 we are implementing our “Pace Points System”. Competitors will be able to accumulate points across all our cross-country events, including our marathon and ultra-endurance – and some partner events too. A pace-based algorithm developed by Rocky Trail will produce an innovative ranking output and you may just score big with Pace Points! You’ll be a

Race photos included

Included in each entry: $60 race photo package from professional photographers – competitors can download their photos from an online portal after each event.

Do you have any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)