Be a #rockytrailracer at the Shimano MTB Grand Prix and join fellow mountain bikers for a ‘seriously fun’ racing experience!

This is classic cross-country lap racing at its best – race solo or in teams for four or seven hours!

Our GP series may just be the most inclusive cross-country racing series in Australia! From the first time between the tape to people who have spent a lifetime training for power output, we have you covered.

The SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix Series is in its twelfth year in 2020. Under the patronage of SHIMANO Cycling Australia and with its host of major sponsors and supporters it has grown to one of the major cross-country endurance racing series in Australia.

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This is your Shimano GP World

In 2020 we are having yet again an evolution in this race series – the 10 races are spread across NSW, QLD and the ACT!

About the series

At the core of all our efforts to put together the annual racing calendar have and will always be the trails. We are working very closely with property managers and organisations, local councils and clubs and our aim is to deliver a versatile selection of terrain, regions and mountain bike trails.

There are quite a few regional trail networks on the calendar for 2020 – this will give more #rockytrailracers the chance to race at their local trails and let visiting riders compete with the growing Rocky Trail community, discovering favourite and brand new trails.

We use a state-of-the art live timing system that will allow you to check results instantly and remotely.

Our GP philosophy

With this series we deliver a set of events that is less of an elite- and winners-only-focused competition, but a positive and inclusive experience for all participants – on awesome trails at fun and exciting destinations that will make it worthwhile for your whole group of riding mates and for taking the family to! Race on Saturday, explore on Sunday! Every race is a stand-alone event and offers points for a series ranking.

About the racing experience

Generally, the series aims to reward as many riders as possible with prizes at each event and across the series. There are age-group and eBike category podiums. Racers receive a placing in their age category and there will also be a General Classification (GC) online.

Each event offers a stand-alone race and race winners in the age categories are awarded with trophy number plates and accolade plaques, which can be collected and displayed on the number plates.

Each race also offers the opportunity to accumulate points to go into the overall series ranking.

Racing options

We will again bring you the popular 4-hour “FAST” and the “FURIOUS” 7-hour racing options across all five series races. Race “fast” for half a day or “furiously” for a full day, but have a little bit more time to pack up and get home safely.

FAST GP – the popular 4 Hour

A proper endurance test in a big field of solos and in competitive pairs classifications. Great challenge and racing finishes at 1pm.

FURIOUS GP – the tough 7 Hour

This is an awesome training ground for solos and chance to test yourself against fellow solos with the pairs and threes racing equally hard.

For more information about categories and age group calculations, please visit the Category/Series Info page.

Race format and who wins

SOLOS: The rider in the solo categories with most laps (and shortest time thereafter) wins. If there are riders in a category with the same number of laps, the fastest total lap time determines the ranking.

TEAMS: Each race is a relay-style race. The team with most laps (and shortest time thereafter) wins. If there are teams in a category with the same number of laps, the fastest total lap time determines the ranking.

Team riders of the first lap (who start the race for their teams) can after 1 lap hand over to the next team member or keep riding – that’s up to the teams to decide. As soon as you ride 1 lap per solo rider, respectively per team, your time counts and is valid in the final results.

Mixed male/female teams: each team needs to record at least one female AND one male lap to be in the results.

What you race for

Prizes are handed out before the race start via the ‘Rocky Trail Bazaar’ – a selection of major prizes is raffled off and the remaining sponsored and local products are spread across the entire racing field.

Included in each entry: $60 race photo package from the crew at OuterImage.com.au – competitors can download their photos from an online portal after each event.

Shimano MTB GP, Ourimbah State Forest NSW, 2019

Racing the series

Here is the the way we calculate points in 2020: rather than gaining points in a team you will get them against your name in the category you are racing in. Meaning that if you swap teams, which is likely to happen with such a big lineup of events, you will not loose your hard earned points but keep accumulating them.

Find out more information about the series points on the Category/Series Info page.