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The Shimano Grand Prix mountain bike races bring back classic lap racing in 2023 with a set of distance challenges on short-course circuits. This round will be held at a classic Rocky Trail venue at Sugar Bag MTB Park on the Sunshine Coast. The event will offer 3 race distances – The Hero (longest), The Adventure (middle) and The Challenge (shortest).

Distances will be approximately 75km, 50 kms and 25kms with riders completing a set number of laps within the 4 hour time limit.

The races have Age Group Categories for solos and pairs teams depending on the distance challenges. There will classification awards that will reward the outright male/female winners of each distance with their custom colour coded “Classification Plate”.

View Event Guide for categories & entry or Venue Guide for directions and track info.

Three XC races In One!

The Challenge

Total Distance ~28km

Get a taste for mountain bike racing! This classification is designed to be not all about fitness, but rewards overall bike skills and determination to make it a fun day out on rocky trails.

The Adventure

Total Distance ~50km

Looking for a more challenging ride? Our Adventure Distance is the way to go. Do more laps and push your limits to the next level! Make this a smashfest or a fun day out, the choice is yours!

The Hero

Total Distance ~75km

This is where pros, semi-pros and weekend warriors race. Hard. It will put your endurance and skills to the test and make your mark in the Hero Distance results. 

Sunny Coast Destination Guide

“The Naturally Refreshing Sunshine Coast, official destination partner for the event.”
Off the race track, discover pristine beaches, vibrant local markets, delicious cuisine, and a myriad of outdoor activities, ensuring an unforgettable pre- and spost-race experiences for mountain bikers and their families of all ages.

venue guide

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The Laps

Each lap will be approximately 9.5 km

Hero – 8 Laps Male & 7 Laps Female

Adventure – 5 Laps Male & 4 Laps Female

Challenge – 3 Laps Male & 2 Laps Female

Get a taste for Shimano GP racing!

The Track

The Shimano GP Start will be on the “Bottom Power Line Track” and climb up “Sour Power” to the Event Hub. From the Event Hub onto “Golden Rough” and across the link to go back up “Honey Comb”. Riders will traverse “Milky Way” (limited passing opp) to the start of “Syrup”. On “Syrup” after about 200m break out left back onto “Milky Way” to climb to the start of “Sweet Sugar” (an excellent passing opportunity). We will use the full “Sweet Sugar” and when complete cross back over to the second section of “Syrup” before again climbing the “Milky Way” (another good passing opp) to the start of “Party Mix”. Complete all of “Party Mix” proceed onto “Fantales” (more passing ops) to the “Bottom Power Line Track”. From the “Bottom Power Line Track” cut onto” Willy Wonka”. At the “gateway” bridge join the lower section of “Bees Knees” before climbing “Sour Power” will get you back to the Event Hub to complete the 9.5km course.



Sugar Bag MTB Park, Sugar Bag Rd, Caloundra West QLD 4551


Limited onsite parking is available on site.

Plenty of overflow parking available in the local area, be considerate to the residents, ensure no driveways are blocked.

Offsite Parking areas available are:

  • Caloundra High School Carpark
  • Power Line easement access from Mark Road East (lower industrial area)
  • Street parking Mark Road & Enterprise Road

Event Services

  • Registration Tent with live timing, merch and race info
  • Neutral bike support in case of a mechanical
  • Mountain bike equipment displays and demonstrations
  • Music and live race updates
  • Professional First Aid
  • Toilet facilities
  • Water: Bring your own supplies
  • Declans Cafe will be open and operating for the duration of the event.

Rocky Trail Rewards

At every round there is four individual classification awards that include your own colour coded “Classification Plate”.

  • Yellow Plate – Outright Solo Male and Female Hero “Hero Classification”
  • Polka Dot Plate – “Hill Climb Classification” awarded to fastest Male and Female on the KOM / QOM segment.
  • White Plate – Outright Solo Male and Female winners in “Challenge Classification”
  • Green Plate – Outright Solo Male and Female winners in “Adventure Classification”
  • Photos included
  • Free giveaways
  • Prize for 1st place getters in each category
  • Custom series race plates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in each category
  • Random prize draw among entire field, announced via results list online


Our Sustainability Pledge is that we encourage our racers to follow some simple tips to ‘tread softly’ when visiting the bush and minimise damage to the natural environment. In summary, when you attend our events, please take only memories, immerse yourself into nature, enjoy spending time with like-minded people on ‘rocky trails’ and please, leave only footprints and tyre marks on the sanctioned trails and in the event perimeter marked out, if you’re a racer.

Race Guide

Everything you need to know about racing at this event & more

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What’s Included

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The Rules


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