Skills clinics for young mountain bikers inspired by the James Williamson legacy.

Rocky Trail has proudly taken the The Willo Marathon under its wings and as part of taking its legacy into the 2nd decade we are continuing the Willo Junior Skills Development Program

The Willo Junior Development Program was set up in honour of James Williamson by his aunt Meg Patey as part of event lead-up to the annual Willo Marathon. It is now managed by Rocky Trail Entertainment under their Rocky Trail Academy portfolio. The clinics are hosted by Ride Technics under the lead coach Dylan Cooper, one of James’ best friends as well as riding and racing buddies.

Geared towards 12-17 year old riders with some MTB experience, this is a 2-day course, which will prepare junior riders for the racing environment with fun group rides applying skills learned as well as a race simulation session on day 2.

​Dates and Venues
Brisbane QLD – 6-7 February 2021 – Bayview Conservation Park
Southern Highlands NSW – 20-21 February 2021 – Welby MTB Park

​Why? For parent reading this or for young shredders – because its super easy to learn bad habits that will take a lifetime to fix. There is a correct way to corner, there is a correct way to position the body on descents and there is much more long years injury free if you learn it early. If you or your young one feels like they are hanging off the bike, and a passenger not a rider, get involved!

The team at Ride Technics has been providing the highest level of MTB skills coaching for riders of all levels and all mountain biking disciplines for over 25 years. Their highly experienced and fully accredited coaches guarantee results through the use of proven methods and ongoing support. They’re basically obsessed with bike handling technique and have decades of international level competition experience that they can pass on to riders of any level to maximise rider development.

Experience required: Previous off road riding and/or racing experience is necessary. Parents/guardians can indicate previous riding/racing experience during the registration process and the coaches will be able to adjust their approach accordingly.

For many young athletes and skills clinics participants The Willo Marathon will continue to provide the opportunity to experience their first thrill of racing every year. The Willo Clinics will provide the perfect preparation and motivation to get into racing.

For all program details and to sign head onto the Willo Clinics site!

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