Stage 1 at the Mongolia Bike Challenge

… was a rough one for our MBC Warrior Martin, who is still under the weather.

“I had to really dig deep today to keep those wheels turning across the wide and lonely steppes of Mongolia.”

Why, you ask? Because views like this will have rewarded him for every pedal stroke today and would have motivated him to keep going. After having planned, prepared and trained for this, it is very disappointing not being able to race at 100%, but it is in those situations that we know that Martin finds another gear.

He’d been snug in his owayo kit at the start line in UB  under cloudy skies, he said and the bike and equipment is working like clockwork.


What’s next?

The main priority for now is to rest and for the flu symptoms not to get any worse overnight. Slowly things are improving, we’re told. During the second half (we reckon after that massive climb was done towards the end of the elevation profile!) of the stage the legs started to fire up again. Not nearly at 100%, but for now Martin is optimistic.


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Highlight video from Stage 1

by Mongolia Bike Challenge


Gallery from Stage 1

Photos: Paolo Martelli