Stage 2 at the Mongolia Bike Challenge

“Feels like Genghis Khan is keeping an eye on us.”

… onwards and upwards… a looot of upwards, in fact!

Today the MBC Warriors raced a 120 km marathon that marked the Queen Stage of the 2018 Mongolia Bike Challenge. They had to conquer 2,750 vertical meters, the most climbing in a day on the stage plan. Right after the start the first highlight of the day awaited the racers – a small silver sparkle on the horizon that finally presented itself as the magnificent statue of the mighty Emperor Genghis Khan. At 40 meters high, the statue was an amazing sight and motivation to attack the first major climb of the day.

Martin is feeling better, but not 100% yet. This concerned wife asked about how he felt today via WhatsApp:

“Race was ok. Not a lot of power to play with but I enjoyed the scenery 😁”

One of the things that really kept Martin rolling was Panonia’s Comfort Spray – he used this blend of essential oils to get relief from a nasty migrane on Saturday and on his muscles before and after the race – so far he hasn’t had any cramps. So we must give it a plug here, because it really has been amazing. So much so that word has gone around in the peloton and other riders are trying it too. – We love it too, because it is made in Wyong on the Central Coast, right around the corner from Rocky Trail HQ!


What’s next? Media Black-Out.

Tomorrow the peloton moves on North to the banks of the Tuul River, a sacred stream for the locals. It will be a challenging stage set within the characteristic Siberian tundra landscape of this area, racing in the Khan Khentii National Park. A real treat to ride here, which comes at a price – the area is so remote that it doesn’t offer any phone reception and the organisers will be able to provide a race update again on Wednesday from Steppe Nomad Camp.

Stage four promises to be fast, but long. With 143 km the longest on the stage plan and covering very remote landscapes and paths that are only used by the locals and even then, infrequently – adventure racing at its best!


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Highlight Video from Stage 2

(c) Mongolia Bike Challenge


Gallery from Stage 2

Photos: Daniele Ardizzone

Feeling better today. Genghis Khan watching over him.
Catching up to the lead group in the first 15km.
Caption this? Choooochooo! The MBC-Martin-train-of-pain is rolling!


Gallery from Stage 2

Photos: Paolo Martelli

The new owayo Rocky Trail Racing kit stands out in the peloton. Y.E.L.L.O.W.
Martin is racing with M2O socks, which help with circulation and help fight muscle fatigue. The bright blue ones he chose today can be seen from space!
The rolling hills of the Mongolian steppe.