Stage 3 at the Mongolia Bike Challenge

Today was an incredible 117 km race, more than 2000 meters of climbing and a lot of river crossings. It was a challenging stage set within the characteristic Siberian tundra landscape of this area, racing in the Khan Khentii National Park to our remote Tuul River Camp.

“I finally found my legs. They were at km 30. I never had to ride 270km to finally ride myself into a race.”

Martin says he isn’t feeling sick as such, but has a  nasty cough. His bike and all the equipment are in perfect condition and make up for the heavy legs.

“One water crossing after the other and the Shimano XTR drivetrain performed flawlessly. Didn’t even re-lube the chain.”

The day started with the group riding together. The atmosphere was relaxed, riding under sunny skies and surrounded by wide open meadows. – The video highlights actually show Martin at the front of the group. 

He is still in good spirits, in the evenings his role as Rider Representative as part of the crew keep him busy also doing interviews to riders, doing what he loves: talking about riding and bikes. So all in all a really great experience in a super-positive environment.

Everyone is now resting at the banks of the Tuul River, a sacred stream for the locals. The ride tomorrow will be fast, but long. With 143 km the longest on the stage plan and covering very remote landscapes and paths that are only used by the locals and even then, infrequently – adventure racing at its best!


Video Highlights Stage 3

(c) Mongolia Bike Challenge


Photos by Rocky Trail

Chatting with Nico Raybaud, Stage winner!
Fresh kit day!

Official Photos by Paolo Martelli

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