Stage 3: Brutal stage takes its toll

Looking at today’s elevation profile one word comes to mind: ouch.

“You better be rested for that one”

The plan had been to start fast on the flat early section to get away from his category and to make up time for the hills, however, Martin’s plan to jump onto Erik Dekker’s wheel (he offered, “Martin, let’s go!”) was instantly smashed by a mechanical at the 5km mark. Within 30 seconds he was from 4th in last. Another mechanical in the hills made Martin pace himself and save some energy for the next five days.

It’s definitely been a tough day – Martin said the later start meant a later arrival at camp. Recovery, getting your luggage, wash yourself and the bike, fix yourself and the bike. Eat. Eat. Eat. Drink.


Some of Martin’s comments about today’s stage:

Roast chicken rolls for lunch? “I had two.”

“I think I’ve never taken that long to race 100km on my bike.”

“I just knew when I had the second mechanical I won’t be able to make up time anymore.”

“I just did my own pace from then on, but it was brutal.”

“I just need to recover now and tomorrow I’ll give everything again.”

“My bike’s had an overhaul – new tyres, new breaks, new cables… we’re ready for tomorrow.”


Photo: Igor Schifris/Crocodile Trophy

Back into his own kit tomorrow.
MarathonMTB’s Mike Blewitt.


Photo: CycleFNQ – Race Start Stage 3 at Lake Tinaroo