Stage 5 at the Mongolia Bike Challenge

Thanks the cough medication kicking in, Martin was able to stay in the race and he  rolled out of the Steppe Nomad Camp at 10:27am local time for the 37km / 400vm time trial.

“I can’t race at 100%, so I’m going to enjoy the ride and this incredible experience.”

A brilliantly sunny day – bike ride in the morning, recovering in the afternoon.

There is a short sequence about half-way in the official video that shows how hard our #rockytrailracer tries to withstand the pain, to breathe, to push hard. He finds himself in an extreme situation, despite the pretty blue skies and super-friendly and positive atmosphere at camp. You’ve trained so hard, gone through the effort of preparations – family and work life aligned, sponsors and supporters on board, travel plans, bike set up, equipment and supplies then the massive journey… and then you can’t ride at your limit, because you’re too sick to. He has been put on a broad-band antibiotic medication now and that brings a fair share of exhaustion with it.

So yes, you can’t see it behind the shiny Gloryfy glasses, but this is one disappointed man and yet he realises what amazing experience he has been able to have. There are still a couple of days to go and all will be a consolation for not being able to sprint for the line every day:

  • The last stage. The marathon to the mighty XIII Century Ger Palace with the grand banquet dinner together with his fellow racers and the crew.
  • The crew. What an incredible bunch of people and Martin says it is a joy to be among such inspiring and good-hearted people.
  • The fellow riders. Just being around like-minded souls gives him so much pleasure and positive energy – talking bikes all day, sharing this unique experience.
  • The surroundings. Martin is an adventurer at heart – from a young age he has been exploring the world and being able to do so in the saddle of his bike has been his grand ambition and dream come true.
  • The family and his Rocky Trail network back home. To see all the comments on social media and positive encouragement has been really a source of strength; as much as it is a thrill it has been tough being away from the family. Especially because he missed out on the latest addition to his toddler son’s English vocabulary: “Yummylicious” (brought on by Mama’s killer banana cake).

Onwards and upwards from here, enjoy these scenes from Central Mongolia and the awesome adventure that is the Mongolia Bike Challenge!


Highlight Video Stage 5

(c) Mongolia Bike Challenge


Facebook LIVE video feed at the time trial start


Official race photos by Paolo Martelli

The views are incredible.
A unique experience.
A short but brutal climb forced many off the bike.
Also some of the big guns…
Spot the yellow speck of Martin’s owayo kit!
El Capitan – Willy Mulonia, the MBC founder.
Ger camp.
Martin with the MBC Crew!


Gallery by Rocky Trail

Also the Pivot Mach429 is resting after Stage 4 that had one water crossing after the other and the Shimano XTR drivetrain performed flawlessly. Didn’t even relube the chain”, Martin said.
Martin’s new lid by Lazer Sports Australia. #useyourhead
After rain all night this is how the riders were greeting this morning. Endless blue skies.
Timing all set up and ready to go.
Riders who previously didn’t make the time cut-off, are released out on track first.
Out on track.
Cheer-squad for the Aussie Khan!
A special place to ride and race!