Stage 5: Rocky Trail Racing leads team classification in MBC

“Stage 5 of the 2016 Mongolia Bike Challenge by Selle SMP saw the riders take on the last big stage of the race before the final time trial of Stage 6. The participants faced 88km with 1400m of elevation two KOMs, with a long flat section for the first 60% of the route, before the final leg which included several rolling hills.”

Stage 5: Steppe Nomad Ger Camp to XIII Century National Park

The big news of today is that the Rocky Trail Racing team has taken over the lead in the overall team classification with a combined race time of 57:11:10 and a good 1.5hr gap to second ahead of the last stage tomorrow! We don’t have detailed reports as yet, but got the news from the MBC online results this morning. It seems as though Team Japan fell out of the team classification with one of their riders having a “DNF – did not finish” status in the overall results.

It seems the team raced together for most of the day, with Clayton “Diesel Engine” Locke, coming into the finish a couple of minutes ahead of Martin and Mick, who arrived together. Our boys are properly rocking the MBC team leader jerseys on the podium – well done!

Photo courtesy of MBC.
Photo courtesy of MBC.


The pictures coming through once again are stunning and a huge thank you ahead of tomorrow’s last stage already to the organising and media team of the Mongolia Bike Challenge by Selle SMP. We can’t wait to hear all the stories and publish our final race report once the team has returned home with unforgettable experiences and lasting memories, no doubt.

The individual results after Stage 5 are:

  • #47 Clayton Locke, 5th in M2 in 4:37:26, 16th overall
  • #71 Martin Wisata, 6th M1 in 4:43:46, 19th overall
  • #14 Mick Klemens, 6th in M2 in 4:43:52, 20th overall

After 5 Stages, the overall classification is as follows:

  • #47 Clayton Locke, still 14th overall in 28:34:13 (+5:19:29)
  • #71 Martin Wisata, still 15th overall in 28:40:29 (+5:25:45)
  • #14 Michael Klemens, 23rd overall in 30:17:07 (+7:02:23) – 2 spots gained!

Going into tomorrow 25 km individual time trial, the Khan racer McElveen (US) takes a 0:05:47 lead over Pettina (ITA), and almost 20 minutes over Wallace (CAN).

Stage 6 will start at 10 am, seeing the last rider on the GC setting off first, in ascending order in 1 minute intervals, with the first rider on the GC setting off last. The course is mostly fast double track, with a total of 489 mt gained over the route.

The riders can look forward to a banquet dinner with an award ceremony for the Official Finishers of the Mongolia Bike Challenge and where the Champions will be crowned.

Full stage 5 and overall coverage can be found on the event website.


Elevation profile Stage 5:

Stage 5: 88km, 1481m elevation
Stage 5: 88km, 1481m elevation


Photos courtesy of Mongolia Bike Challenge


All ducks in a row: the Rocky Trail Racing team riding together, Martin pulling the MBC train.






Clayton Locke (right) having a chat to fellow racers at the Stage 5 finish.
Martin Wisata coming into the finish at XIII Century National Park.
Leader jersey alert: the Rocky Trail Racing team now in the team classification lead with one stage to go! Almost home, boys!