#strassertransoz: World Record Down Under – Wednesday

Here is a collection of daily information and snippets I pick up from the crew around Christoph Strasser’s “World Record Down Under powered by owayo” ride.


* Team Blog – Day 2, 11 January 2017

Wednesday, 11 Jan, 5 am – Somewhere on the Great Western Hwy

  • Christoph had a good first day on his time trial bike from the Start at Perth towards Sydney. Meanwhile 500km are done and he still pushes the pedals hard at an average speed of 31km/h. After the heat of the day, a nightly cool breeze makes cycling comfortable. No wild animals disturbed his ride except from a bunch of noisy birds that made ugly sounds. Does anybody know what they are called?
  • Many thanks to the respectful roadtrain drivers who carefully steer their long vehicles along with distance and cheer him honking. Christoph is always happy about encouraging comments on Facebook or support along the roadside. Hope to see you soon on the road.


Wednesday, 11 Jan, 2 pm – Coolgardie

  • Christoph has now completed 750km in 24h! Throughout the first, quite comfortably cool night he was able to increase his pace and just passed the largest gold mine of Australia in Coolgardie – unfortunately we weren’t able to neither see nor take anything with us from there. 🙂
  • We are very impressed by the kindness and relaxed attitude of the Australian roadtrain drivers! Christoph is able to really eat up those kilometres despite the heavy traffic around him.
  • The closer we get to the Nullabor plains, the hotter it gets – the 40 degree C hot wind is challenging blowing hard from the front and sometimes also sideways. The heat battle is in full swing, but Straps’ (“Christoph Strasser”) hairdo and persistence last 😉
  • The phone network coverage is moody outhere, so please excuse the on and of live tracking and delayed updates. Cheers. Source: A.S.


… to be continued.


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