#strassertransoz: World Record Down Under – Thursday


* Team Blog – Day 3, 12 January 2017

Thursday, 2017-12-1, 02:00 local time, The Nullarbor plain

  • Change of shifts – Christoph has just left the more than 146K long and straight road to the Nullarbor plain. Well done since the only excitement of this quite dull experience during that night was his first (this time real and alive) kangaroo crossing our way in the middle of nowhere. It’s night and Christoph can’t see much except the sides of the road so the long stretch of this famous road is more of a mind game than a challenge for his awesomely well working legs.
  • It has been quite a tough day for the brave but still crazy 😉 cyclist. During the afternoon the blazing heat gave Christoph a really hard time but he managed to get by it by drinking more than the day before, getting more cooling, keeping his pace in a sensible range and sticking to the plan not to be overambitious. The evening hours were a bit cooler and his performance got better again.
  • After a short period of fatigue due to his almost 30h straight on the bike ride he recovered again quite well and Straps got back on track with the sounds of highway to hell (perfect match) on the Nullarbor straight. At the end of that straight road our RV has been waiting to provide a nice and cosy bed.
  • After a powernap of about 15-20min Christoph woke up again and went on towards Sydney looking fresh and full of power! Ride on, man! Great job!!
  • Since the connection to the world outside is giving us a hard time please be patient if we aren’t able to update you guys in time. Today it has been roughly 20h without signal for our mobiles. So hang on and cross your fingers that Christoph is able to keep up his amazing pace and gets on without any major problems!M.K.


Thursday, 12.1.2017, 2pm Nullarbor Plain, 48h, 1350km

  • Quite excited by the variety of riding along the longest straight of Australia and another cool night with about 25 degrees C, the Strasser-machine is starting to roll even faster. Despite initial signs of tiredness, the pace as he enteres the Nullabor Plain remains high.
  • Surprisingly, a refreshing rain shower cools us down – a heaven-sent for the rider challenged by gruelling heat the day before.
  • Change of time zone in Madura – by 45 minutes. How strange.
  • After descending down the 500m Madura Pass we enter a steppe-like valley with many kangaroos crossing the road.
  • The refreshing drizzling shower has settled into a constant rain for hours – crew member “McGyver Jr” built a wiper for Christoph’s glasses out of old tires and kanagroo bones…
  • The crew gets a shocking vitamin boost at the border  – we eat all the fruit, because we don’t want to dump it as govt. regulations require it.
  • In between – a nap after 48hrs and 1350km. A relaxing hour in the camper van, sleep, massage, medical check – he’s back on the bike like a new man and can’t wait to see the coast.


… to be continued.


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