#strassertransoz: World Record Down Under – Saturday


* Team Blog – Day 5, 14 January 2017

Saturday 14.1.2017, 14:00 Port Augusta – Mount Lofty Ranges

  • A good day with a good nap: after yesterdays, quite successful day, Christoph treats himself to a 45-minute break in the early morning hours – we suspect that his monotonous “saw-noises” get even the surrounding koalas into a state of trance. Refreshed and energised, the descent into Port Augusta is happening in almost alpine fresh air.
  • But then the nice flow is slowed down due to a punishing head wind that Christoph has to fight against with all his might, dropping back to 15 km/h. To increase his riding joys, we change his aero wheels to normal ones.
  • By now, due to the very inconsistent road conditions, Christoph lower arms are very sore, which is why he longs for more comfort – after four days he changes from his favourite time trial bike to the more comfy Roubaix.
  • The wind drops again and ‘Straps’ climbs slowly but surely onto the 500m elevation of the Lofty Ranges – an almost Mediterranean landscape awaits us. Well, a continental crossing is quite diverse.
  • After 96 hours, Christoph has completed 2,585km and is looking forward to the upcoming descent to switch back to his time trial bike for the upcoming flat section. AS


Saturday 2017-01-14, 03:30 – Kimber

  • Half-Way-Point: CHECK! Probably the best day so far. No major problems at all, incredible performance, no signs of sleep deprivation. He keeps on going like a machine. Usually the crew members are looking forward to ending their shifts (too many guys crowded in a too small car in such situations leave marks – with odour being the least problem), but on this one we had so much fun and it was going so good that we even extended the ride and went 40K past our goal Kimber. Even our mobiles successfully connected and caused an abnormal raise in text messages in South Australia.
  • Best way to summarize the landscape (taken from a roadhouse): Where the „bloody“ hell is…POOCHERA? – on Eyre Peninsula – In South Australia. MK


limeart_hausdorfer_raus17_day5_003 limeart_hausdorfer_raus17_day5_004 limeart_hausdorfer_raus17_day5_009 limeart_hausdorfer_raus17_day5_018

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… to be continued.


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