#strassertransoz: World Record Down Under – Sunday


* Team Blog – Day 6, 15 January 2017

Sunday 2017-1-15, 2:00 p.m. Renmark – Balranald

  • As the fatigue proceeds, Christoph is unable to restore his concentration during his early morning breaks. Besides the morning chill (12°) the ongoing race leaves ist marks. Disorientation, sore joints and wounds at the junctions to the bike are giving him a hard time.
  • After sunrise and following physical and mental pleasantries from his crew make things looking up. Utmost important are the encouraging and partly very personal comments via fb and his guestbook that we carry out over our speakers to the scenery of victoria. Busy traffic on narrow highways acts like mental torture, even tough the mostly friendly drivers greet and cheer at us. Apparently our mission is spread over trucker´s radio.
  • At noon the diminishing kilometers to a three-digit number motivate him and combined with decreasing traffic and tailwind for a change it leads to excellent speed. Regarding the advanced race, 560km/d on the trip recorder are considerable and still on schedule. At the end of day 5 there are only 855 km left to go. AS

Sunday 15.1.2017, 04:00 at the border to Victoria

  • Straps has been struggling with the wind all day, which reduced his average speed dramatically. Being a real fighter this is not what he is striving for so he starts questioning the whole journey and starts to see really funny things out of his fatigue. One time he thought he had his earbuds in with the new Coldplay album on and kept trying to take them out. These states of mind lasts only for a few minutes since the crew and he himself talk him back into reality. Being a real Coldplay fan he still wanted to hear some real songs.
  • Night time is better. The wind calms down and the fun rises up. We had a lot of fun with clips and posts and a kangaroo crossing our way right in front of our car (see fb). So please comment and post – we read it out to him which helps a lot!!!
    At the end of the day he sleeps right at the border to Victoria and after he wakes up in about 45min we gonna ride on to Sydney!


limeart_hausdorfer_raus17_day6_005 limeart_hausdorfer_raus17_day6_006 limeart_hausdorfer_raus17_day6_013 limeart_hausdorfer_raus17_day6_018

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… to be continued.


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