Strava Club & Challenges


Since March and the start of our event hibernation we have received a lot of messages and ourselves experienced the comfort to know that fellow mountain bikers from our Rocky Trail Community are thinking of each other when they go out riding. Let’s stay connected in spirit and we are working hard to put things into place that we’ll be up and running events very quickly, once we are allowed to do so again. Why not motivate your families, friends and that mate that just bought a bike these last few weeks?!?

Join us in the brand-new Rocky Trail Racing STRAVA CLUB!
Let’s log kilometers, vertical meters and smiles to send positive energy and good thoughts out to each other!! We are also launching some specific challenges together with Double Strength, which was developed by one of our Rocky Trail racers, Luke Beuchat!

1. Strava Club
2. Special Challenges

Join the Rocky Trail Racing Strava Club and get highlights of what, where, how far and long fellow #rockytrailracers are riding.

Sign up for special Riding Challenges – Members of the Rocky Trail Strava Club can additionally sign up for special challenges we put out. With thanks to Luke from Double Strength we will be running a number of challenges over the next few weeks to keep us all connected and active and RIDING until we can race again.

Basically you

  • (1) have to have a Strava account and follow/be a member of our Rocky Trail Strava Club “Rocky Trail Racing” and then
  • (2) sign up to the Double Strength platform to be ranked on the leaderboards with your Rocky Trail mates. This was developed by Luke Beuchat, one of your fellow #rockytrailracers – it will grab all your activities in the timeframe we set from Strava and create leaderboards for the challenges!

Get started – scroll down to get instructions how to get connected!


Here are your MISSIONS from Sat 6th – Sun 21st June 2020 and if you scroll down, we explain the rego process. It’s all free, let’s have some fun and we look forward to your feedback!

Your mission timeframe: 6-21 June 2020

Note, you will appear on ALL these challenges, as soon as you record a Strava activity and are a member of the Rocky Trail Racing Club on Strava. Please send through feedback or questions via email to and we’ll try to work them all out.

You ready???!!??

# 1 Distance: The Bruce Willis ‘Ride’ Harder Memorial

The first one is a distance challenge. This is for the so-called hard men and women out there:

How long can you keep the pedals turning over in a single hit out? This Challenge looks for your longest single ride or virtual ride by KMs travelled over the challenge period.

Shimano’s Georgina v. Marburg not leaving anything out on track.
#2 Riding Time: Leisure Time Extreme

For those who have too much time on their hands during Lock-Down!

This is aimed at those who just love riding their bike for a really long time! This Challenge looks for your longest single ride by moving time spend for the challenge period eg. do an Everest attempt or 24-hr Solo and you win!

Bryon Dunkin smashing it.
#3 Pain: The Ramp Test

This is 60 seconds of pure, undulated pain.

Well maybe it’s more like 15 mins of physical and mental anguish. This challenge is designed to test pure fitness ie it is effectively and FTP Test. It is best done on an indoor trainer using Zwift but this is not mandatory.


Please include the following in your ride name: #ramptest

Owen Gordon IN. THE. BOX. – Jetblack 24hr MTB, 2019
Strava Club Photos

Double Strength also brings in all your Rocky Trail Club Photos from Strava – they are all in one location, so “bombs away” guys!!

How to sign up for special challenges

This is the sign-up process

Be the first ones to connect your Strava Accounts to this platform, which will track your achievements in the challenges we will put up. Our challenges are based on data collected via Strava Activities.

  • Step 1: Log in or sign up to STRAVA App and follow the “Rocky Trail Racing Club”

    Download Strava App / Create Account / Log in to Strava App


    Follow the Rocky Trail Racing Club on Strava

  • Step 2: Now activate your data to display on the leader board via the Double Strength platform:

    ….Go to

    …Enter your email address you use for Strava

  • (3) Then following the Strava Prompts (please make sure that all the boxes are ticked to authorize Double Strength to access your Strava data).

  • (4) Once you are authorised you will be re-directed back to the Double Strength site.

    Note the three lines on the top right = menu selection!

  • (5) Roll over the Menu icon (top right-hand corner) and then select “Settings”.

    On the My Profile tab your Club should be set to: Rocky Trail Club.

  • (6) You can add more of your details to the profile and hit “Update”.


You will now see your activities come up on the Challenge Leaderboards.

Rocky Trail Shimano GP, Ourimbah, 2019