Gallery: Stromlo Forest Park – awesome to RIDE, an experience to RACE!

Stromlo Forest Park has so many different trails and hidden gems – even for the locals! It is located just 15 minutes outside the City Centre of Canberra. Since 2009 we have had more than 7,000 #rockytrailracers race with us at Stromlo Forest Park – we love the ever-expanding and evolving trail network and putting together our favourite trail combinations for you, always inspired by input from our local racers!

Here, together with our photographer crew from we want to share our photo highlights from last year, to give you a taste of this amazing trail network! – Scroll down for the photo gallery!

Rocky Trail “Capital Trifecta” at Stromlo in 2019:

For 2019 we are presenting three races at Stromlo Forest Park under the banner of the “Rocky Trail ACT Event Series” and thanks to the support by Events ACT and our naming rights sponsors all rider photos will be included in the entry fee.

The first race will be the Shimano MTB Grand Prix, which is a 4 and 7 hour race on 13 April, followed by the Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s and we have asked our photography crew from to show us their highlights from our April race there last year, which was the AMB100 Marathon. Thanks to Gilbert Romane for ‘riding down memory trail’ for us to tell us how he saw the event through their lenses.

Stromlo Forest Park through the OuterImage lens:

We take photos as a

return ticket to a moment

otherwise gone.

Says Gilbert Romane from Giro Visuals, a founding partner of Outer Image Collective:

“Photography and in particular sports photography has always been about capturing the precise moment of peak action, a fraction too early or late and the excitement is gone. Shooting different forms of mountain bike racing brings different challenges and with it a variety of visuals. With downhill and enduro style riding capturing the “big air” or “tricky trail feature” makes the task a little easier as the gravity induced thrill seeker loves the moments, lives for them in fact. Turn the wheel and focus on the cross-country athlete and the big jumps and features are gone but with that a change to strength and endurance. The task now is to capture, in a split second, the drive and determination to win the race even when that means the finish line may be hours away. So many people don’t see the grimace, the mud in the eye, the claret congealed on the knee they only see the raised arms as the winner steps atop the top podium. For me capturing these tough times help share the struggles of the sport and an athletes ambitions, pushing me to sit out on the trails all day lugging camera gear enabling me to capture engaging and memorable photos.”

Challenge yourself. Don’t do the normal race, get up early, put the lights on and do the big one.
Sitting trackside with your mates just relaxing or cheering on other racers.
Best time of they day, out in the early morning light before it gets too hot alone with your thoughts.
Be apart of something big and and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, race your friends or just yourself at your pace.
Riding and racing inspires all ages to get out and give it a go. Dan Beresford is a great example throwing a leg over and giving it his all.
Ourdoors and action. MTB lets you experience many great places that other bikes or sports let you cannot.
Race with the best in a relaxed fun event where no one takes themselves too seriously, a tribute most mtb riders are known for.
Weekend with your mates. Race events where the race director knows this better than most, a passion for the sport and life shows in his events.
Tapping it out on the pedals in the crisp morning air awakens the soul. Elvio is not a fan of the cold but mtb racing certainly awakens him with excitement.
Chasing light snakes racing with lights is a unique experience some thing the full AMB100 racers get to experience.
Local CORC riders know they have it good at Stromlo and racing with 300 others can only be better.
Kids are fearless and getting them started early is easy just get them out and they will do the rest.
Racing is for everyone and women are taking part enjoying racing other female racers and pushing themselves.
XC mountain bike rider enjoys the flowing berms of the backside of Stromlo mountain park as viewed from above by a drone.

Visit our Rocky Trail ACT Events Web Portal with links to all event websites with race information and you can already sign up for the Shimano MTB GP! In the weeks leading up to the races we will be sharing ideas about What’s On off the race tracks too – see you at Stromlo Forest Park!