Summit Shoalhaven: Rocky Trail launches Gravel Ride with Elite Energy Trail Run

The Summit Shoalhaven is the first cooperation between Rocky Trail Entertainment and Elite Energy Events, who are re-launching one of Australia’s most iconic off-road trail events, the Shoalhaven King of the Mountain to the Summit of Mt Scanzi. The event in the pretty Kangaroo Valley will feature a Trail Run by Elite Energy with 4 distances and Rocky Trail is organising a 51km Gravel Ride.

The Summit Shoalhaven Gravel Ride was “not a race, but a journey”, says owner Martin Wisata. “Our riders are in for an awesome back-road adventure in lush rolling farmland, exploring the Upper Shoalhaven Riverland and then we return back to Kangaroo Valley”, he said of the course and that there was a mixture of well-maintained dirt road, less maintained fire trail, and a little bit of singletrack.

The schedule of the will see the gravel riders be unleashed minutes before the first wave of runners and both riders and runners will be sharing portions of the fire roads. Whilst the Summit Shoalhaven Gravel Ride is just that, not a race, the participants will get a KOM / QOM finisher time on top of Mt Scanzi when they cross it on the return for the second time on event day.

About the Summit Shoalhaven Trail Run, Elite Energy’s Mark Emerton said that it had originally been established in 1966 by a small team of local running enthusiasts from the Nowra Athletics Club. This year, 56 years after the first KOM, the course was going to be resurrected as Summit Shoalhaven.

“This iconic event has seen thousands of runners make the journey up Mount Scanzi to finish in the Kangaroo Valley before and we’re looking forward to bringing it back to life. We brought the Rocky Trail team on board to launch a new Gravel Ride – we share the same passion for off-road events and it will be great seeing our running and riding competitors alongside each other out on the trails.”

Registration for both events is open now. The event base is located at Osbourne Park, KV Showground. Runners will be shuttled and gravel riders will ride for about 5km in neutral to the event start site at 30 Tallowa Dam Road.

Summit Shoalhaven GRAVEL RIDE on Sunday – Sign up now.
Summit Shoalhaven TRAIL RUN on Sunday – Sign up now.

What else is on? – Rocky Trail will host their Shimano Mountain Bike Grand Prix 4-hour cross-country race at Nowra’s Coondoo State Forest on the Saturday, 23 July – about 30min away from the Summit Shoalhaven event base.

Shimano MTB GP 4-hour cross-country LAP RACE on Saturday in Nowra – Sign up now.

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