Sustainability & Accessibility Policy

“Our goal is for more people all over Australia to have access to more beautiful trails – close to home and those that inspire them to travel and explore their country – so they can enjoy the trail-based activities that we get so much enjoyment out of and that we know have will connect people back with nature.”

Rocky Trail Entertainment Founders, Juliane & Martin Wisata

Sustainability Policy

The business delivers an annual racing calendar and the major focus has been and will always be, the trails. We work with property managers and organisations, local councils and clubs and our goal is to deliver a versatile selection of terrain, regions and mountain bike trails. We include many regional trail networks as this gives more mountain bikers the chance to race on their local trails. It also promotes less frequented trail networks to visiting riders and encourages them to discover new trails.

Rocky Trail Entertainment respects and supports the pleasures of mountain biking and related self-reliant outdoor activities. As such we advocate that all of us have a big responsibility to protect and preserve the natural landscape for the enjoyment of future generations. We will ensure the environment is not impacted by the event with the full course ridden at the conclusion of racing to ensure all markings and litter are collected. All Rocky Trail events are held at already established, State- or Council-approved Mountain Bike trails.

Rocky Trail Entertainment has a strict philosophy of leaving a race venue the way we found it. This includes such items as:

  • Doing sweeps of the race track to ensure no rubbish has been left behind
  • Races are postponed if there has been excessive rain meaning riders will likely erode and degrade cycling trails
  • Race attendees are asked to use the bins provided and to take all of their gear and equipment with them when they leave at the end of the event.
  • Use of re-usable signage (removed after each race and re-used)
  • Move towards use of biodegradable marking tape.

Weather impacts: Rocky Trail Entertainment maintains close monitoring of the weather forecast preceding all events. If there has been excessive rain in the area, or excessive rain is forecast, the event will be cancelled or postponed to ensure riders are kept safe, and that the mountain bike trails and surrounding site are not eroded and damaged by continuous use on saturated ground.

Special environmental measures are incorporated into our daily operations and we are passionate about engaging with the various local communities where we host races, and ensuring our events have a positive impact on those communities. Rocky Trail Entertainment researches any cultural or heritage values within or nearby to the venues used for hosting races and proactively engages with local communities if there are any concerns that our activities may impact on those values. We have obtained the appropriate licences to operate within National Parks and Reserves as needed.

What we ask of our Rocky Trail community:

When you attend our events, please take only memories, immerse yourself into nature, enjoy spending time with like-minded people on ‘rocky trails’ and please, leave only footprints and tyre marks on the sanctioned trails and in the event perimeter marked out, if you’re a racer.

We would like to encourage you to follow these simple tips to ‘tread softly’ when visiting the bush and minimise damage to the natural environment:

Please familiarise yourself with the venue rules before you get to the event in regards to pets. A large majority of our competitions take place in State Forests and National Parks with permission by the relevant land management entity. For example, State Forests permit dogs, but visitors should keep them under control and on a lead at all times. If you’re unsure, please get in touch with the Event Manager and we will provide you with the relevant contact or regulations for the venue.

Please dispose of rubbish properly. Use rubbish bins if provided or take it with you.
If camping is permitted at the venue (see event page and Rider Briefing), choose a campsite carefully, at least 20 metres from the edge of any stream or waterway. Use existing areas for camping and do not clear or damage trees and plants. Follow recommendations and/or instructions by the Rocky Trail crew.

Do not cut standing timber, alive or dead, for firewood.

Rocky Trail will communicate facilities in the Rider Briefing ahead of the event. The event will always offer toilet facilities. At a minimum, toilet facilities will be provided in the main event centre. When toilets are not available, bury human waste, use soaps or detergents at least 50 metres from waterways and camping areas. Detergents, toothpaste and soap (even biodegradable) harm fish and aquatic life.

Use established fireplaces wherever possible. Never leave a campfire unattended and extinguish campfires properly before leaving. Follow guidelines and instructions in the Rider Briefing and follow advice by the crew regarding fireplaces. If in doubt, please always ask as the crew will have the latest information on fire rating and permissions.

Sweep away all leaves, grass and other flammable material for at least two metres around your fireplace. Before leaving, thoroughly douse your fire with water, even if it appears to already be out. Don’t try to smother a fire with sand or soil, only water kills a fire with total certainty.
Be aware of fire regulations (especially Total Fire Bans) and promptly report all bushfires by calling 000.

All native plants and animals are protected in forests, parks and reserves. Try not to disturb native wildlife. Don’t feed birds and animals around the event centre, on the trails or at campsites, as unnatural food can be harmful.

Consider other visitors and keep noise to a minimum outside of event hours. Rocky Trail operates under a permit with the relevant land managers and we cooperate with local mountain bike clubs. As part of the event preparations we set event hours and communicate our Event Management Plans.

Visiting forests, parks and reserves outside peak visitor periods can help reduce overall impacts.

Rocky Trail Entertainment continuously and enthusiastically seeks ways to support the environmental performance in all areas of our operations by working with suppliers, clients, partners, customers and the community. As far as possible we choose suppliers with a similar ethos and passion for the environment.

If you have any questions regarding our Sustainability Policy, please contact Juliane Wisata via

Accessibility Policy

At the core of all our efforts to put together the annual racing calendar is, and will always be, the trails. We work with property managers and organisations, local councils and clubs and our goal is to deliver a versatile selection of terrain, regions and mountain bike trails, including adaptive trails. We include many regional trail networks as this gives more mountain bikers the chance to race on their local trails. It also promotes less frequented trail networks to visiting riders and encourages them to discover new trails.

Rocky Trail Entertainment understands the importance that our product offering is accessible to people of all abilities. The nature of the competitive activities that Rocky Trail Entertainment provides on off-road trails, will be limited for people with a disability. However, we want to be as accommodating for staff and guests of all abilities fosters diversity and acceptance, which resonates through to employee and customer satisfaction.

Our core values

The Rocky Trail Entertainment founders say they wholeheartedly believe that ultimately this connection to nature is becoming more and more important, as the pace of life gets faster and faster. We provide an escape from everyday life and access to nature not just for our athletes but for their extended families and friends. They find and connect to a community of like-minded people and I am particularly proud of our schools programme that get so many kids out onto the trails. Our two event managers Jo and Bob created the concept in 2019 and the owners state that they are so proud that their business had the resources and shares their vision of fostering grass roots development at a junior level and have been able to help them bring the Rocky Trail Academy to life.

Both passionate mountain bikers, Juliane and Martin want to utilise the network they have generated to increase environmental awareness and sustainability. A big community of riders and Rocky Trail racers nowadays feel connected through the memorable experiences Rocky Trail Entertainment create for them at their events. The team enjoys promoting this healthy lifestyle and the company keeps evolving with this community of riders, supporters and crew.

Event accessibility

Rocky Trail Entertainment respects and supports the pleasures of mountain biking and related self-reliant outdoor activities.  As such we have been developing MTB trail networks and destinations with our sister business, Rocky Trail Destination Pty Ltd. Where possible the team encourages the establishment of adaptive trails. We are also supporting athletes and community organisations to help make trails more accessible. Ongoing projects include the facilitation of funding for an adaptive bike and the related adaptive mountain biking awareness campaign.

The technology of adaptive cycles and in mountain bikes specifically has improved a lot over the last 2-5 years. We believe an increase in awareness of adaptive riding and equipment availability will lead to future opportunities for Rocky Trail Entertainment to include relevant demographics into our event portfolio development planning processes.

We allocate inquiries and situations to solutions for two groups of handicapped event participants:

  1. Handicapped competitors
  2. Handicapped spectators
  3. Handicapped suppliers and staff

Business limitations

Rocky Trail Entertainment does not operate out of one venue or business location, but is hosting events on hired outdoor venues. Venues include State Forests, National Park, Council land and private properties. Rocky Trail will encourage suppliers to have an accessibility policy in place and offer access opportunities to a wide audience.

Because of the many different venues (over 40-50 per year), Rocky Trail will include more details on each event website about accessibility to the particular venue. The aim is to offer ease, comfort and convenience for everyone, leading to a positive guest experience.

The Rocky Trail owners will facilitate an ongoing project that will facilitate an outreach program annually to our venue providers and land management organisations to liaise on updates on sustainability and accessibility policies. The aim is to increase awareness about these topics among our customers and stakeholders and to communicate our policy statements regularly.

Accessibility for handicapped competitors

The event portfolio currently does not offer specific events for handicapped athletes. Rocky Trail Entertainment understands that a disability can be intellectual, cognitive, physical or sensory, with 90% of disabilities being invisible or not immediately apparent to others.

Rocky Trail Entertainment welcomes inquiries from handicapped athletes and will endeavour to accommodate participation to enable customers with a disability to take part in competitions wherever possible. Examples from past events include, e.g. vision-impaired rider taking part in a cross-country event with his guide, junior rider with cerebral palsy as part of a team category in a cross-country event, athlete with autism compete in a gravity event.

The events have had handicapped participants compete in the past and the next section formally outlines the types of participants and process and customer access plan.

Accessibility for handicapped spectators

Rocky Trail understands that we may have groups travelling with a person with a disability and that information needs to be provided about event venues about accessible infrastructure for a wider audience that just those with a disability, for example, parents with prams, small children and seniors.

Examples from past events include, e.g. family spectating with prams in the event centre had child carriers to venture onto the off-road trails, guide dogs accompanying spectators.

The events have had handicapped participants spectate and provide services in the past and the next section formally outlines the types of participants and process and customer access plan.

Accessibility for handicapped suppliers and staff

Rocky Trail Entertainment endeavours to build and maintain a diverse and inclusive working environment, supplier base as well as workforce and workplace. We are committed to be providing an environment where staff of all abilities are valued, supported and encouraged, and are able to carry out their roles on-site at an event and in the business to the fullest extent possible.

Reasonable adjustments: we want to foster a diverse, inclusive, fair and equitable workplace environment for all staff, including making reasonable adjustments to support staff with a disability wherever possible.

Where adjustments cannot be made: while we will endeavour to make all adjustments that are reasonably possible, there may be some circumstances where adjustments cannot be made if they constitute an unjustifiable hardships. RTE may not be able to accommodate an employee who is unable to fulfil the inherent requirements of the role, even with reasonable adjustments.

If you have any questions regarding our Accessibity Policy, please contact Juliane Wisata via


We’re so pleased that all Rocky Trail Entertainment events have been Ecotourism Certified in December 2022 in the Nature Tourism category. Our founders see this as a major milestone achievement for our business and one that the entire teams is thoroughly proud of. Find out more here.

The ECO Certification program is a world first and it has been developed to address the need to identify genuine nature and ecotourism operators. View our listing here.