Team Podium photos Crocodile Trophy 2015

Congratulations to the Il Pastaio / Rocky Trail Racing Team!


Category and overall results:

4th A3 // Clayton Locke (AUS) #69 // 33h50:25 (+2h46:34 to cat. winner) // 28th overall
5th A3 // Guy Cowan (AUS) #71 // 33h53:56 (+2h50:05 to cat. winner) // 29th overall
6th A3 // Trent Moore (AUS) #70 // 34h26:36 (+3h22:45 to cat. winner) // 30th overall
2nd A4 // Peter Selkrig (AUS) #91) // 34h37:07 (+2h36:00 to cat. winner) // 32nd overall
8th A2 // Martin Wisata (AUT) #42 // 36h16:46 (+5h49:32 to cat. winner) // 39th overall


Podium and Stage 9 photos:

1SC_1276 CRO_5132 CRO_5196  CRO_5505 CRO_5471



CRO_5370  1SC_1347 1SC_1288 1SC_1285 1SC_1284 1SC_1282