RT Edutainment: The Science behind Skratch Labs

“Hot” Topic: Sodium replacement during prolonged exercise

Rocky Trail runs a wide variety of mountain bike events, catering to the ‘first time between the tape’ people, weekend warriors and to those experienced and pro riders who have spent a lifetime training for power output.

Coming into summer – and yes, there is still some rain coming on and off – we want you to be prepared and thanks to our new supporter SKRATCH LABS we have some answers for you.

These products focus on a key principles, which sounds so simple:

“You may be a complex person but your nutrition needs aren’t.”

Skratch Labs

Simple is good, real is even better, we agree! So we endorse these products, because they provide:

  • The ratio of electrolytes you actually lose when you sweat
  • The Right amount of sugar to replace the energy you’ve burned
  • And are Non-GMO, gluten free, and kosher

So, let’s get a bit technical for a moment – did you know that sodium replacement during prolonged exercise, especially in the heat, may be critically important to maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance and muscle contractility?

Skratch Labs is supporting Rocky Trail Entertainment, starting to get to know the #rockytrailracers at the AMB100 Marathon.

We love having Skratch Labs on board, because they make sports nutrition designed to help you perform better without offending your gut or your taste buds because we use real food, starting from scratch.

Their mission is simple – to develop food and drinks that taste great, that are made from real ingredients and that solve problems for active people. Most importantly, educate and to continue to learn and grow ourselves – to help our community improve and thrive as they help us to do the same. We know we have a lot of work to do to fulfil this mission and we are the first to acknowledge that we are a work in progress – that things won’t always be perfect. But there’s no better time to start than now!

Want more data and information?

Interested in more information including “5 tips for better recovery“, visit the Skratch Labs Science Blog.

Where to buy?

Find out where to get your Skratch Labs here www.skratchlabs.com.au and follow them on Instagram @skratchlabsaustralia

Disclaimer: Sponsored content provided by Skratch Labs Australia.