The Willo

The 10th Anniversary of “The Willo” will be held on 1 March 2020 and Rocky Trail Entertainment will be the new custodians of the event. 

The Willo has been held in memory of James Williamson who was a very talented young mountain biker. In 2010 he died at the age of 26 and his auntie Meg Patey and his friends founded the Willo event in his memory.

James ‘Willo’ Williamson | Photo:

“We just wanted to do something to continue his energy and spirit, so we started this event. It’s been quite a lot of work, but I really enjoyed it – it’s time for me to step back and I really look forward to continue being a part of the race as a patron and rider. With Juliane and Martin and their team I have found good people who will take this event into its next decade and keep James’ legacy going.”

Meg Patey
Meg Patey (middle) with a group of Willo volunteers at the 2018 event. | Photo: AJ Moran Photography

We are so proud and honoured that Meg entrusts us and our crew with continuing her work and the legacy of The Willo from 2020 and will do so under her official patronage. We are proud that all the key event sponsors, supporters and volunteers will stay involved and we are committed to continue one of the key components of The Willo, which is offering junior development opportunities for regional kids. As Meg so rightly puts it,

“It’s about teaching them about how to find out who they are and how to approach life, because that’s what James was and that’s what he would have wanted”.

Meg Patey
Willo Junior Development Camp ‘graduates’ at the 2018 Willo event. Photo: AJ Moran Photography

We are looking forward to joining Meg with friends and supporters of The Willo in celebrating the memory of a great man and the bright future of this inspiring event.