Train like the Pros! Free programs for Rocky Trail Racers!

Want to train for our Shimano MTB GP series or Fox Superflow Enduro Series?

With kind help from Drew Calabria from To The Edge High Performance Centre we present the first iteration of the Rocky Trail Novice program.

Drew has been training racers including gravity powerhouse and #rockytrailracer Jack Moir and put together a custom-program for us. There is a web portal you can access or an App, plus you can download a printable version also. All details are below.

This program is free for the Rocky Trail community and racers – get ready, set, go!

Who is this for?

This program is for any intermediate rider, but a novice in the gym. It assumes a good level of base fitness, some familiarity with exercising and an ability/desire to head to the gym each week.

What is the program for?

The program builds the key parameters for Superflow/Enduro and XC. The first four weeks build your aerobic base, work capacity and start to link every muscle in your body together.

Drew training DH star Jack Moir

How to use the program?

The program is broken into 4-week blocks. The program is printable. Later we’ll release a more advanced program that has some more advanced lifts, but still manageable for most who have some sort of gym experience.

Web or App Access

Step 1: Access the free Rocky Trail program via

Step 2: Use the codes below to have access to the “TeamBuildr App” for the 12 weeks (You can also go to the App Store and download the TeamBuildr App)

Step 3: Join using these codes:

Easy Join Code: 71MB-IWUX
Password: 2YTSTECT

Printable Version

Otherwise, you can use the printable version as there every day of the workout is here – Rocky Trail Novice 1-4.pdf

Useful Tip

If there is any exercise name that you are not sure of, Google is your friend!

When to use the program

You can start whenever you like, the dates on the program were just for ‘start of the year’ reference. If you use the app you can easily change the dates.

What do I need and where

You will need a gym, a running track and somewhere to ride your bike!

Why? This program looks hard

For lots of us, riding goes past a weekend hobby and is now a passion that you are hugely committed to improving. This program is similar (but stripped down) version of the grassroots program at To the Edge High Performance, where young athletes commence training with the goal of one day going pro.

It is difficult, it is time-consuming, but it will make you faster, feel better on the climbs and ready for the downs.

If you dream of rubbing shoulders with the EWS crew and want to accrue EWS points, this is a great glimpse into the world of high-end riders!

About the Author and Coach

Drew has coached world championship qualifiers for Ironman 70.3 back to athletes to their first Ironman, half Ironman, and first endurance race.

He is also the strength coach for QLD and Aussie champion masters Beach Sprints, Open Reserve women’s Surf Boat Rowers as well as being one of the coaches for the elite MTB and MX teams at To The Edge High Performance Centre, a training facility dedicated to action sports athletes.