Update from the Rocky Trail HQ

by Martin Wisata

A few weeks have passed since we decided to start our hibernation as far as events go. However, we haven’t slowed down much to be honest with you. Our son Cosmo wants to be entertained as he is still home from preschool and we have been doing a lot of work. The most urgent task was to convert the Entrepreneurship course, which I was scheduled to teach in Azerbaijan and China over to a virtual one. As China is sitting behind the so called “Great firewall of China” we had to be creative about which services to use as Google servers (Youtube etc.) can’t be accessed there easily. Luckily we have our own website 🙂
I guess a lot of you are facing similar challenges as most office jobs are converted to home office jobs now.

Planning, planning, planning….

In terms of our Rocky Trail events we are planning as much as we can right now. There will be a day when we are allowed to operate again and it is likely that in the beginning there will be certain new rules in place then in terms of maximum numbers in outdoor venues and in regards to distancing etc. We are trying to anticipate what those may be and how we can bring you fun, safe and entertaining events under those conditions. The focus is on the Fox Superflow sealed by Stan’s as well as the Shimano MTB GP races. We can roll them out relatively quickly once we reopen and we are not afraid to change things around if we need to so that we all can do what we love sooner rather than later.

Updated calendar

It is too soon to start thinking about what the calendar will look like for the rest of the season as there are still too many ‘moving elements’, but it is our aim to have this one ready for you as soon as hibernation ends. We are keeping in touch with existing and over a dozen new venue partners for this year and are having initial conversations about possible replacement dates for events to have everything ready. At this stage it looks likely that the season will continue into 2021 so that we can deliver most if not all events originally scheduled.

Putting new processes in place

We also use this downtime to work on processes behind the scene. With all our expansion plans for us this is actually a great time to do this so that we can work as efficiently as possible once the events start rolling again. Exciting things like streamlining bookkeeping / accounting, communication plans and writing manuals for our expanding crew are on the agenda. Plus of course, lots of discussions and mind mapping with new ideas popping up of course as well.

One of those ideas is to offer a platform for our Rocky Trail community to promote their businesses and services and to share resources and ideas. – Check out the “Rocky Trail Community Posts” project.

Keeping a positive outlook

After a few weeks of watching pretty negative, horrific and sometimes frightening news reports from all over the world we start to see what that “new world” might look like now, which makes me hopeful and more positive again. With a vaccine not on the imminent horizon I think we will see a mix of ongoing distancing measures coupled with extensive testing to isolate new infections as much as possible.

Without wanting to get political I want to say that I think we are really lucky to be in Australia right now and when looking at what other countries are doing (or not doing) overall I am really impressed with what the government here in Australia as done so far. The scorecard will of course be settled in the future when one can look back and have a look at all the data.

Personal note

Usually I don’t publish my own medical records on a blog but my Covid-19 test last week came back negative. I was tested 12 days after showing symptoms (I wrote a recent story about that) so it either means that we had it and are now immune to some extent or never had it. I guess we have to wait for an antibody test to be available to know for sure.

Either way the moral of the story is that we all will still have to be careful and I want to remind you that it is sometimes near impossible to tell if you have it or not, but can give it to others. Keep that in mind please when moving around outside your home.

Stay safe, everyone and see you soon!

Cheers, Martin