Vale Marty Tink 1984-2022

“Wherever a beautiful soul has been,
there is a trail of beautiful memories.”

Until we meet again. Remembering Marty Tink 1984-2022

Dear Rocky Trail community,

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the tragic passing of Marty Tink. We lost one of our strongest and most passionate endurance racers, a champion and a mate on 18 November 2022.

Awaba, 2022

Marty was one of our most loyal Rocky Trail racers and a “big man” in every way – big in statue, big in character, but most of all, one with a big heart and a ton of grit. Our deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to his family – his wife Juanita and young daughter Matilda, his parents and also the Dubbo MTB Club who he so passionately represented at every Rocky Trail event he participated in since 2015.

Marty participated in 46 Rocky Trail races including 8x 24 hour events and his 2nd category placing and fourth outright placing in 2021 certainly was memorable. We vividly remember the many conversations with his father Kel who accompanied and supported Marty at every race. At the 2021 Jetblack 24 Hour event Marty was joined by his entire family and Matilda even participated in the 24-minute kids race.

“Marty was one of those racers that just so effortlessly belonged into our Rocky Trail community. When you saw him race you could see the passion that he had for riding his bike and his grit will continue to be an inspiration to me.”

Martin Wisata, Rocky Trail owner

As an active member of the Dubbo MTB Club Marty along with his father Kel participated at almost every single club race since the club was founded in 2012. But not only that, we learned that they would both be there for club trail days too, plucking out nasty prickly pear (the job that no one wanted), whipping overgrown trails with their eyes closed and shovelling and packing dirt, from start to finish and often beyond.

The club shared with us that Marty played Rugby Union as well and that he was known to turn up to club races even with rugby injuries, still keen to race his mountain bike.

“Marty was the gutsiest of riders, a ‘diesel’ that could go forever. He embodied everything we love about mountain biking, that people are so friendly even at their threshold… he was a true champion of the sport.”

Simone Grounds, Dubbo MTB Club


Join us in remembering Marty Tink at this year’s Jetblack 24 Hour on Saturday 3 December. We’ll reserve a special spot for Marty in the 24 Hour Solo pit lane and will have a special remembrance ceremony at 11am before the rider call-up to the start line.

We will dearly miss you, Marty, may the road – and trails – rise to meet you and may the wind be always at your back.

We would like to share that the funeral for Marty Tink will be held on Friday 2nd December at 1:30pm at St Andrews Church, 72 Wingewarra St, Dubbo – everyone is welcome.

Please, if you have feelings of heading to a dark space, reach out, there will be someone that will take your hand for help.

If this story upsets you, please get in touch with Juliane or Martin Wisata, the Rocky Trail owners – contact Rocky Trail.