Weather update Fox Superflow Greenvalleys

Wednesday 13/11 11:30

Good news as there are no fires currently near the event venue. With cool conditions forecast for the weekend we are all systems go!

Monday 11/11 13:30

As you can imagine we are monitoring the weather situation in the lead up to the event. In the summer months we always have an eye on the fire situation for all our events. So this is where we’re at regarding this weekend’s Fox Superflow at Greenvalleys:

  • Tomorrow Tuesday the weather situation across most of the NSW east coast is very precarious and we urge all of you to stay safe.
  • We expect a cold front to calm things down mid week and warmer temperatures again until Friday.
  • Saturday and Sunday are expected to be cooler again with the potential for some showers which would be very welcome for the dry track.
  • While the trails at Greenvalleys are in bushland the campground at the bottom is a very open space with the Highway being a very easily accessible access route in case we need to get out of the venue quickly.
  • Currently there are no reported fires in the vicinity of the venue

With the current forecast the event is likely to go ahead as planned and we will keep you up to date of course via our blog in case the forecast changes or fires start burning nearby.