Why you should be racing Shimano GP (as well as Fox Superflow)

​As the rise of enduro (Fox Superflow) continues, riders are getting much much fitter. The ‘pride’ in being out of shape has really reduced in the sport, as people realise to go down a hill fast, you need to be fit.​

Better suspension, better geo and faster tyres make bikes rapid, but also physical to force the bike to pump and to pull out of corners. Modern bikes like to fly around, and fast riders work hard to get them planted and gripping. Doing multiple laps on your enduro makes you super fit.​

As fun as racing down only is, it also opens up the world of GP, where you can take that fitness and live real life pacman on your bike. Chasing people down (or refusing to be chased down) is epic fun. We pick courses that have elevation, so if you pin, you get them on the downs, and if you are super strong, get people on the ups.

​We set up all GPs on a short course (30-45mins tops) so you can change out riders or take a rest.​Its racing that is fun, exciting and a epic workout. If its good enough for Jared Graves, its good enough for us mere mortals. We race in 4 our 6 hour blocks and you can race in teams as well.

​If you have always ridden your bike on DH or heavy casings, you have no idea how fast your bike is on a lighter tyre. A few pumps in each shock and lighter tyres gets most bikes pretty close to a GP build, certainly enough to have fun and race with friends!​​

Race the way you ride, chase buddies, new and old around a track. It’s the best!