ROCKY TRAIL EVENT NEWSFLASH – last updated 18.09.2021


Fox Superflow | Ipswich – coming up next. Registration is open now!
Fox Superflow | Mt Joyce – registration will open 2 weeks prior to the event.

NSW and the ACT:

We are still waiting to get the green light or a restart-date for events and community sports in the ACT and NSW. Currently we are planning to run at least one more Fox Superflow in addition to the JetBlack 24. If the Superflow can happen in NSW or the ACT isn’t decided yet. We also don’t know for sure if only fully vaccinated riders over 16 can participate, but assume that this will be the case.
The AMB100 and the remaining Shimano MTB GP rounds are likely to occur in 2022. As soon as we know more we will let you know – we are getting ready for the grand reopening!


We had plans for more events in the second half of 2021 but will instead be back in 2022.

2022 calendar:

2022 planning is under way and you can find the preliminary calendar here.

Find out all the latest details in our Covid specific blog pages.

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Rocky Trail Events

If you love riding your mountain bike you are at the right place: events for every type of bike rider. From the first time between the tape to people who have spent a lifetime training for power output, we will have you covered: Cross Country, Endurance or Enduro in NSW, the ACT, QLD and VIC!
Let us spark and feed your love for racing to RACE THE WAY YOU RIDE!

Classic cross-country racing at its best – race for 4 or 6 hours solo or in teams.

Enduro for riders of all ages and backgrounds.

Rocky Trail’s junior development racing program.

Race for 24 hours solo or in teams or do the 6+6 hour and rest overnight.

An Academy, Superflow, Marathon and Run in the Victorian Alps.

A classic marathon with the aim to race hard and remember James.

The JetBlack Wild Wombat will be back in Mogo

Take on this singletrack lap-based marathon on a giant circuit at Stromlo Forest Park.

This is a women’s only event that let’s our female racers sparkle.


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