Pump & Flow™

Get ready get loud – we are returning with an epic pump & flow edition for 2023.

Make every second count across NSW, ACT, Vic & QLD

It is time to merge the BMX world with the MTB world with 1 day of racing dedicated to Pump & Flow! 

Due to popular demand we are splitting the competition into two sessions (Junior and Senior) of action packed excitement. This will allow for more riders more fun.

With events coming to NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC, who will be our Pump & Flow™ champions of 2023?

The Pump & Flow™ Format

How Does It Work?

Racers can clock in multiple race times throughout the day and the fastest group of racers in male and female classifications for juniors and seniors will progress through the final Pump & Flow Shootout Heat.

There will be 4 heats to determine the outright Male and Female winners. Race participants across a wide range of age groups can clock in multiple race times and the fastest group of racers in male and female classifications will progress through the final Shootout Heat. Each event will stipulate the size of the heats, so check out the race rules for Sugar Bag below – we are able to customise each race perfectly to the type of pump track we’re racing on!

And here’e the kicker – you will also race for rankings across age categories based on your fastest time throughout the day in additional male and female adult and junior age classifications!

  • First Session – Juniors 5 to U15
  • Second Session – Seniors U17+

So keep pumping, keep pedalling and keep clocking those times in to get to the SHOOTOUT final heat – the crowd will be watching and cheering for you, LIVE onsite and online!

Pump & Flow™ Event Calendar

Saturday 23rd JULY, 2023

Pump & Flow Sunshine Coast

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The Sugar Bag Pump & Flow kicks off the series in July and is always a firm favourite with all our Rocky Trail Racers!

New schedule means the juniors hit the track first followed by a dedicated open session for under 17’s and up

Race The Way You Ride

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