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Wingello State Forest

The Willo will return to its home in the Wingello State Forest. Unfortunately the wet weather patterns of 2022 presented a huge challenge for the land manager Forestry Corp NSW to re-open the Forest. The local Highlands Trails MTB Club put in huge efforts alongside the Forestry Operations teams all year and have been working on restoring the trail network. The access to the Wingello State Forest remains the biggest problems with main fire roads suffering from major damage, which has prevented not only mountain bikers from returning to thee trails, but has presented huge problems for Forestry crews.

The persisting rain keeps the crews from restoring bush fire damage to make the forest safe for public access.

We would like to thank both the local Highlands Trails club and the Forestry Corp NSW for their unwavering support. Rocky Trail had been able to obtain a special event operating license, however, the safety concerns have led to the mutual decision to let the Wingello State Forest take some more time to rest so it can be restored.

About Wingello State Forest

Wingello State Forest includes pine plantation and hardwood forest with stands of peppermint, manna gum and stringybarks. It has been popular with mountain bike riders and has been home to the late James Williamson’s local trails. Forests in this area are a mixture of pine plantations and native forests. The first radiata pines were planted in this area in Belanglo State Forest in 1919.

Today there are around 3,500 hectares of commercial pine plantations in the southern highlands with timber being processed at a local mill. Today’s forest management practices protect biodiversity, soil and water quality and cultural heritage sites while also allowing for sustainable timber production. Find out more

Race track

Rocky Trail will continue to liaise closely with the land managers and custodians in the lead up to the new 5 March 2023 date. The race track map will be published well ahead of the new race date.

Parking and camping

  • Camping is allowed at the event site.
  • Plenty of parking even for caravans and trailers

Event Services


Water will be available at the Event Centre from 6am. However, to help us, please bring enough water for your own needs.


A coffee and food van will be a the Event Centre to give us top quality delicious of food all day Sunday.

First Aid

First aid crew on-site and race marshals roaming out on track.


Portable toilets will be serviced regularly.