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From the first time between the tape to people who have spent a lifetime training for power output, we will have you covered. We want to motivate our racers to be active and have fun outdoors and we want to support each and everyone of them to achieve their racing goals whatever their riding preferences are. Plus, we want those events to be entertaining, so you can bring your families, kids, friends and supporters along too. We make sure to create racing environments on lots of different trails where you can go as hard as you want, to take on a proper challenge and achieve your personal goals.

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Shimano Grand Prix

Are you up for the challenge, in for an adventure or will you be our endurance hero? Race the way you ride with the Shimano Grand Prix!
Shimano Grand Prix mountain bike racing is all be about the thrill of the climb and the rush of the descents. We want our racers to have fun, and realise that bikes rule, and riding bikes might be the best days of your life! With events across NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC, each race offers a lap-based DISTANCE challenge that is completely tailored to the individual race track we’re on.
The Shimano Grand Prix events are classic lap-based mountain bike races with 3 race distance classifications, Hero (long), Adventure (medium) and Challenge (short).
Courses will be designed to be between 7km and 10km long with ample overtaking opportunities distributed around the whole lap.
The classifications will be approximately 75km, 50 kms and 25kms. The exact number of laps will be announced during in the rider’s brief. The exact distance may vary based on the lap distance at any specific venue.

Link: Shimano MTB Grand Prix Event Portal
Regions: NSW || ACT || QLD || VIC

Fox Superflow

The Fox Superflow is Australia’s most popular gravity enduro series! Why people love it? Because it let’s you set the pace, have your own adventure and you can RACE THE WAY YOU RIDE!
Within a timing window you complete a set of timed race stages, which are predominantly downhill – the faster you go, the more challenging it gets!
You ride to the starts un-timed and there are no start orders, which means you can spend all day together with mates – the perfect event to for your partner or the junior frothers to compete alongside of you! You casually make your way to the starts and then everyone gets their timed race run… wait together at the finish line and go again!
You pick the order in which you complete the 3 timed stages. But what our racers love the most is that they have up to FIVE race runs on each of the stages, which gives you a total of 15 race runs per day. Remember, only the fastest run on each track counts, so you can keep trying to put in a faster time multiple times!
Results come through LIVE on our online portal as soon as you cross the line, check it out on your phone and go again! But most of all: when you start your race stages get ready for an absolute adrenaline rush as you smash down our superflow race tracks to hunt down those seconds for the win!
Superflow® PRO STAGE: At selected venues there will be an additional – technically more challenging – 4th PRO STAGE with full face requirement for Elites, U21 and Masters!
Link: Fox Superflow Event Portal | Superflow® PRO STAGE
Regions: NSW || ACT || QLD || VIC

Jetblack 24 Hour (6+6H)

24-hour MTB racing is the ultimate test of endurance. Australia is the home of some of the most successful 24-hour Solo Mountain Bike Champions and at our Jetblack 24 Hour you will compete alongside them. Sleep is overrated – we start racing on Saturday at midday and finish on Sunday at 12pm!
For many of our XC racers, the 24H is one of their first events! Why? This is an extremely social event with an awesome atmosphere – a DJ pumping out some choonz, great food and steaming hot coffee at all ours of the day and night! Set up camp, compete with your mates in a team and decide as a team how many laps each person rides. The course is about 10km long – do 1 or a whole bunch in pairs, threes, fours or teams of six.
6+6 Hour option: If 24 hours sound a bit too big or you’re looking to introduce someone new to the sport we have a 6+6hr event that could suit you! Awesome vibe to race for 6hrs on Saturday, then get to rest overnight from 6pm. Re-start at 6am as the sun rises.
You can even bring the whole family! Lots to do for them in the region while you race. We’ll put on a free kids time trial to tire out the little shredders for you.
Camp and team base right next to your car: set up on the lush meadows of the showgrounds at Rydal! Experience a weekend filled with camaraderie and fun racing on the awesome cross-country Lidsdale MTB trails that you’ll never forget!
Link: Jetblack 24 Hour Race and 6+6 Hour (NSW)

The Willo Marathon

Are you ready to push your limits and tackle one of Australia’s iconic mountain biking marathon challenges? The Willo Marathon is a lap-based marathon on a giant circuit. It is a one day event celebrating the life of mountain bike champion James Williamson, who died in March 2010 at the age of 26. James was a top-level XCO and XCM rider. He was passionate about the sport in every way, as well as being an Australian and World 24 hour champion.
The Willo is a race unlike any other! It is one of the top mountain bike marathons on the Australian cycling racing calendars and an annual reminder to all riders of the joys of mountain biking as well as the impact James had on the sport.
Link: The Willo Marathon (NSW)

e-Bike Races and Electroflow

All our events offer eBike categories! We are big advocates of eBikes and are offering categories in all events – cross-country, marathon and Superflow® races!
Pick any event and take on the challenge on your powered steed!
Link: Full Calendar of Events >

Junior racing, clinics and Schools comps

Our Shimano MTB Grand Prix (cross-country) and the Fox Superflow (gravity) are offering a wide variety of junior categories – the U17 and U15 junior classifications in the Fox Superflow are often one third of the field! The young shredders love the relaxed format and that they can smash not just their mates but also mum and dad out on the trails!

The Rocky Trail Academy is all about fostering the grass-roots development of the cycling sport. These events are part of our junior rider development program.

Schools Competitions
Geared towards secondary school students these events are held on a Friday and not only engage youth in healthy social and active recreation but brings a heightened appreciation of nature, the environment, self-reliance , self-learning and independence, all as part of riding a bike in the outdoors. By extension, this program also engages and educates teachers and parents.
It is all about encouraging students of all abilities to come and race with their mates in a safe and social environment. These events are based on our popular Superflow(TM) races! The students will have an exciting racing experience and enjoy a fun event atmosphere together – great memories to share! Students will have the opportunity to test their riding ability across three skill areas on some of the most popular mountain bike trails across QLD, NSW, ACT and in VIC – Endurance, Speed and Technical Skills.

Junior MTB Grand Prix races
We are always offering fun kids time trails at our cross-country events, but these Junior MTB GPs are special standalone races for young pinners from as young as five to under 15! This are traditional XC lap races, where the juniors can pick however many laps they want to do. The system will not enforce age group or genders and riders and parents can choose, which distance they believe their juniors are comfortable racing.

The Willo Junior Race
For many young athletes and skills clinics participants The Willo Marathon will continue to provide the opportunity to experience their first thrill of racing every year. The Willo Junior race offers a stand-alone race on a short-circuit, before the mass start of the “big marathon”. It provides the perfect preparation and motivation to get into racing.

Links: Rocky Trail Academy || Shimano MTB Grand Prix || Fox Superflow® || Willo Marathon || Event Calendar

AMB 100 Marathon

Our marathon events are distance challenges and are run on giant racing circuits.
You can take on the AMB100, a singletrack lap-based marathon at Stromlo Forest Park, which is part of our three-day stage race in Canberra event. Stromlo is a truly iconic mountain bike venue in Canberra! We set up a 20-25km track and you can do one cheeky lap, two to catch the marathon racing bug or three for a classic marathon distance of close to 80km… early start and sunrise lap for 5 laps anyone?
Link: AMB100 Marathon (ACT)

Buller Alpenflow Epic Multi-Day MTB Lifestyle Event

Australia’s new MTB & Alpine Lifestyle event for nature and outdoor experience lovers – everything you love about ‘rocky trails’ in the one spot!
What awaits you: cross-country and enduro-style MTB action with loads of send, massive gnar, spectacular climbs, fast and flowy descents. Running and women’s only categories on some of the most beautifully scenic trails. There will be racing action for kids, juniors and the “big kids” and all kinds of bikes – with and without those “e’s”.
This event will challenge the competitors and entertain its visitors. Rocky Trail will stage all these activities in the majestic Alpine surrounds of Mt Buller and Mt Stirlingand deliver amazing adventures and experiences. Lots of things to do for the fambam while you race and even more memories waiting to be made together when you’re back (with those sore legs!).


  • Friday: Rocky Trail Academy Schools Event
  • Sat-Sun: Fox Superflow® 2 days Stage Race
  • Mon: Alpenflow Epic Marathon

Link: Alpenflow Epic (VIC)

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