About EfferVelo

About EfferVelo

Effervelo was created by and is owned and organised by Rocky Trail Entertainment. This event is all about connecting riders with stunning Australian landscapes. We’ve handpicked amazing gravel routes that challenge you while showcasing the natural beauty that surrounds them. This event is open to everyone, whether you’re a hardcore gravel enthusiast, a road rider looking for something different, or a mountain biker seeking fresh excitement.

Effervelo, meaning “the quest for effervescence,” shall capture the excitement and buzz of gravel riding on Champagne Gravel surfaces. Choose from three distance challenges designed to push your limits and be reassured that our Rocky Trail crew will support you every pedal stroke of the way.

Our curated routes take you on low-traffic gravel roads, allowing you to soak up the peacefulness and connect with nature’s wild beauty. Along the way, you’ll stumble upon hidden gems, jaw-dropping viewpoints, and picture-perfect moments that’ll leave you speechless.

Effervelo isn’t just about the ride – we’re here to create an all-inclusive experience. Enjoy fully-catered support with awesome coffee, drinks (yes, including bubbles!), and a great selection of local specialties and high-quality sports nutrition to keep you fueled.

At Effervelo, we know the importance of the social side and immersive nature experiences that gravel riding offers. Experienced gravel guns, roadies who are up for an adventure, mountain bikers who are curious about those wide open gravel roads and – ladies, we’ve got you covered too! Join us for a fantastic time, new friendships and the camaraderie that goes beyond traditional endurance races await!

Rocky Trail Entertainment – Racing on rocky trails since 2008.

We are thrilled to embark on an exciting new chapter, venturing onto the “rocky roads” with our new Effervelo Gravel Event. Building upon our renowned expertise in the cycling and mountain biking world, we are expanding our horizons to embrace the thrill and adventure of gravel riding. 

We’re eager to connect with new riders and share the exhilaration of tackling rugged, unpaved paths. We are also excited to extend an invitation to our dedicated community of #rockytrailracers to join us on the “rocky road” adventure. As we embark on this new gravel event, we aim to provide our existing Rocky Trail racers with a thrilling and dynamic experience on unpaved terrain. We understand your passion for challenging races, and now we’re offering a fresh opportunity to push your limits in a different cycling discipline. 

Get ready to join us on an exhilarating journey along the rugged trails – let’s conquer new horizons (and rocky roads) together!

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