How it all began – meet the 2008 Club Mud Crew

As 2017 is coming to an end, we are getting ready to “slide” into our 10th season of Rocky Trail Entertainment. In February our #season10 starts with our major event series – the Shimano MTB GP will open the account for our cross-country racers and the Fox Superflow sealed by Stan’s will kick off the gravity racing season. Over the next few weeks and in the lead up to these series rounds as well as our flagship endurance event, the JetBlack 24 Hour on 3+4 March in Rydal we want to reminisce about how it all began and dig through our archives of photos and all those fond memories we share with our Rocky Trail racers.

2008… where has the time gone?!?
Rocky Trail Entertainment was dreamed up by Juliane and Martin Wisata and a bunch of their good riding mates from Sydney. Now spread across NSW and VIC and Tassie as well, this group of people has helped get our business off the ground. Countless weekends talking and planning and digging trails and then marshalling for the boys and helping out at rego and timing for the girls. They aren’t friends, but our family out here in Australia – the Club Mud, headed up by our “El Capitan” Miguel. And it’s his birthday today, so that’s what spiked this post!

We will forever be thankful for all your time and care that you invested in our business and the incredible enthusiasm that you have helped spread among our Rocky Trail racers! Now it seems we are all grown up, married and most of us mums and dads – it’s so cool that you guys sometimes still find the time to come out and sneak in a couple of laps! We love you guys and here’s to the next decade of riding and racing on Rocky Trails together!

THANK YOU, Miguel & Kati, Gisella & Sebastien, Adam & Vicky, Clea and Garrett, Richard, Libby, Kelly & Nick, Erica & Brian, Alejandro and Mariam, Marcello & Margo, Dominic, Rafaela, Lee and Lisa, Marc & Rachel!

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