Rider briefing: Gold Coast Schools MTB Comp | Nerang 2019

It’s happening – Rocky Trail’s FIRST event in Queensland and the FIRST race under the “Rocky Trail Academy” banner!

This is the official rider briefing for all new #rockytrailracers at the Gold Coast Schools MTB Comp at Nerang National Park on 1 November 2019. There are a lot of details on our event website, so here is a summary of those important bits and pieces to know as you prepare for your event! We can’t wait to welcome you at Nerang National Park under the patronage of Nerang State High School and the local Gold Coast MTB Club!

Online Registration open until Wed, 30 October 2019

Please note: independent students can still register without a school contact, however, we ask that a parent/guardian attends with them – please add parent/guardian name into team manager’s field when prompted during the online registration process.

About the event

Rocky Trail Entertainment in conjunction with Nerang State High School presents the inaugural Gold Coast Schools Mountain Bike Comp at Nerang National Park.

This event is all about encouraging students of all abilities to come and race with their mates in a safe and social environment. They will have an exciting racing experience and enjoy a fun event atmosphere together – great memories to share! Students will have the opportunity to test their riding ability across three skill areas on the popular Nerang mountain bike trails – EnduranceSpeed and Technical Skills.

Event contact

Event Managers Jo Parker at jo@rockytrailentertainment.com or call her on 0424 955 332 as well as Bob Morris.

Entries and categories

Online entries open until Wed, 30 October 2019

  • Open to all Secondary school students.
  • Entry cost – $35 per rider, individual registration online
  • Registration opens 4th September 2019 and closes midnight 29th October 2019.
  • Riders will be grouped by gender and categories


  • Juniors – Years 7 or 8,
  • Intermediate – Years 9 or 10,
  • Seniors – Years 11 or 12


Nerang National Park – Hope Street Nerang

Parking: Event parking will be available inside the gate to the left

Direct link to Venue Google Map

Tracks used:

If you know the Nerang trails, here is a summary of the tracks used; there will be plenty of signage to guide you on the day and our Race Director will give a detailed run-down during the rider briefing at 9am (see schedule below).

  1. The last 2/3 of Pete’s track then cutting onto the Comm Games Loop 3 climb for about 40-60m and then onto the Comm Games loop 3 Decent.
  2. The Casuarina loop including the extension
  3. On Three hills from starting opposite the start of Barneys onto the Comm Games loop 2 rocky section (B Line will be available) to the trail head and descending the Comm Games loop1 decent finishing just above the final corners.

Schedule 1 November

8 am – Event Village Registration open – race plates issued
9 am – Rider briefing
9.15 am – 2.00 pmRace runs – each category allocated track and rotated during the day
1.50 pmLast Race Run
2.30 pm Presentations

Event format:

  • Race plates will be issued on the day.
  • Competition will consist of 3 timed sections.
  • Each age category will be allocated to a track.
  • Categories will progress to the next track after 1hr 20min.
  • Tracks have been designed to test a variety of skills, including endurance, speed and technical ability.
  • Riders may ride each timed section up to 5 times on each track with their fastest time counting.
  • Combined best times will be totalled for the overall result for each rider.


Rider List: Will be online by Friday morning

Timing: LIVE Timing will be available via http://www.rockytrailracer.com once the race has started

Facilities, services

Food: There will be a sausage sizzle by students from Nerang State High School – a huge shout-out to the students for running a BBQ for us at the Gold Coast Schools Mountain Bike Comp! Please spread the word and they can take cash payments:

  • $5 bundle deal – sausage sandwich & drink
  • $3 soft drink
  • $3 sausage sandwich

Water: Please bring your own water

Photos: Photography by students from Nerang High School

First Aid: A first aid officer will be on-site

Volunteers: Each school will need to supply a minimum of one Volunteer for the whole day but more the merrier is welcome.
Volunteers may be asked to marshal the course, watch for injured riders and rule adherence, help organise riders at the start, assist timing, or assist at registrations.

Team Managers: Schools must provide a Team Manager who needs to attend managers’ meetings, distribute rider number plates and be the emergency contact for all riders on the team. Managers must be contactable via a mobile number.
May we ask that the nominated Team Managers contact our Event Manager Jo Parker via email at jo@rockytrailentertainment.com to confirm school, your contact details and mobile number before the event. Students are encouraged to sign up online and throughout that process will be prompted to add their Team Manager’s name as well.

Please note: independent students can still register without a school contact, however, we ask that a parent/guardian attends with them – please add parent/guardian name into team manager’s field when prompted during the online registration process.

Rules and competition points: available via the event website