#strassertransoz: World Record Down Under – Friday

* Team Blog – Day 4, 12 January 2017

Friday, 2017-13-1, 2am local time, Nullarbor…. still

  • A tough day comes to an end (by hour). Coming from the heat Christoph had some good tailwind but cycled right into the rain. It’s been pouring cats and dogs and our RV smells as if we’d shelter some stray dogs. Nothing dries up because of the humidity. Straps masters to get by the fatigue phases by answering questions from various quiz-apps. Sadly for us he sometimes is better than us despite of his mental condition. Although the weather is extremely annoying Christoph averaged 31km/h for the previous 200K.
  • We, the crew, are looking forward to getting some real food again since some roadhouses are closed during the night out here and if open you could probably take care of mosquitos and your car but there isn’t much decent food other than candy bars or funny looking fried things.
    After a 10min powernap Christoph got on his bike again into the rain and onto the long straights of Nullarbor. Keep up the pace, buddy!!
  • Unfortunately our tracking app isn’t working due to the loss of signal. But we hope it’s gonna be better soon so that you can watch our way through the rest of our journey.


Friday, 2017-13-1, 1pm AEDT/10am local time, approaching Ceduna and 2,000km mark

  • Still riding strongly!



©Manuel Hausdorfer/lime-art.at


Freitag 13.1.2017, 14:00 Eucla – Ceduna – Halfway Point

  • The unexpected rain shower from yesterday turnd into a night full of heavy rain, just like Christoph has experienced it during the RAAM before. The weather change made us dig out the weather gear from the bottom of our suit cases. Feeling right at home in the cooler temperatures, Christoph was able to keep up a high pace, which wasn’t even impacted by the on and off tiredness that set in and forced him to two short naps throughout the night.
  • The landscape steadily rolling past us includes many windmills now and the vegetation bears remnance of a recent bushfire.
  • A challenge for our resident “McGyver Jr” was the compatability of the rain guard with the seat post of a time trial bike. 😉
  • In the early morning hours the “Strasser Express” turns up the heat again with an average of 31km/h, so at the end of the third day we can clock in 1980km and which was celebrated in style at the half way point shortly after Ceduna.
  • The good mood of everyone is of course because of Christoph’s amazing performance, but also thanks to the ingenious RV crew members Pletzi und Vogs who are always at the ready with lovingly prepared wraps, sandwiches and soups for the support crew. A.S.


… to be continued.


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