Top 3 Position for Grant Webster in GC

After two stages our Il Pastaio / Rocky Trail Racing Team is doing well – Grant Webster is one of the strongest riders in the A2 (30+) category and currently sits on third place in the category GC and in the Top 20 Overall! Bodies and bikes are holding up!

Tim Nelson is in 8th category position, Martin in 12th and Garrett in 17th. Clayton Locke finished in 7th today, which puts him in 8th position in his category overall. The team is working together well, Martin had worked with Clayton towards the finish, who then outsprinted our fellow Sydney-rider Alex Kooijman.

We are now at Lake Tinaroo and it’s actually quite cool – we’re all in long-sleeves! It was good riding weather though the boys said. Tomorrow is a monster-marathon at Atherton MTB Club and the Crocateers will have to complete 3 laps, which is said to be insane by some of the local riders.

Juliane is now in the middle of the media craziness at the Croc up- and downloading and writing and translating stuff and buzzing around like a bee between riders and organisers. You can follow her race reports and the official coverage of the race via the event’s NEWS page here


Team Photos: Kath Bicknell

Bicknell-Il Pastaio Crocateers-6
The calm one – but put him on his bike and he’s on fire!
Bicknell-Il Pastaio Crocateers-3
The experienced one (nominated for “Most Austrian” at the Croc 2014).
Bicknell-Il Pastaio Crocateers-7
The whippet – consistent and confident!
Bicknell-Il Pastaio Crocateers-8
The determined one – one pedal stroke after the other!
Bicknell-Il Pastaio Crocateers-9
The master in the team.


The supporter - lending a helping hand.
The supporter – lending a helping hand. (Photo: Kenneth Lorentsen)