Five Superflow® Tips to make you faster AND have a more fun day out

Fox Superflow® – Welcome to FUN, and racing the way you ride.

Here are our 5 tips that will make you faster AND have a more fun day

1. Smooth is fast and generally, fun is smooth.
Hard braking, then trying to mash for cash, then trying to brake mid turn makes you tired. Fast guys are getting braking done early, and looking up out of the berm. Look for opportunities to pump as well as pedal.

2. Your first blind run of a track is not going to be your fastest run.
If it’s a new track to you, you need a few runs to be at race speed. NOBODY has red race mist at these races, as we have 5 runs and no distinct time between racers. Just say ‘hey, my first time here, I’m going to chill and check features’. You obviously can’t stop, but you can chill roll.

3. In general, chin over stem is chilling.
Modern bikes with big suspension require you to weight the bike properly, and hanging off the back is so much more scary. Get up on your bike and let the suspension (including your arms and legs) do the work. Unless you are doing a sicky manny line, you should not have straight arms on the trail.

4. If you are coming up on someone, yell early.
Don’t wait until you are on their tail. Generally ‘Rider on the right coming up, no rush, don’t stress, when you can’ is the best call ever, because they will likely not stress and will pull over on a straight. Screaming ‘rider right’ as you come right up on them is a terrible idea, and should NEVER be done mid feature or corner.

5. Have fun, be social.
3 – 5 seconds is a lot on a track, and going out with a plan to pin it and find that time solo is super hard. If you have a time you want, just talk to people in the line and find someone with a slighter quicker time and ask to drop in behind them. This is 100% more effective than trying to find time solo, and its also way more fun and builds friendships.

Rocky Trail Fox Superflow, Ourimbah, 2020

Bikes are the best. Never forget that. Racing is also so fun, because you get that weird adrenaline feeling, the feeling of challenge and a chance to see how much you have progressed. We’ll see you out there! We’ll link the remaining races below. Remember, all forms your YEEEEEEEEW are encouraged at our races. Get involved!