7 steps to get ready for the Fox Superflow Series 2019: Number four is a deal just for you!

The Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s Series 2019 kicks off in Thredbo on 31 March and it’s time to get ready for six races across NSW and the ACT that will knock your socks off!

Step 1: Get all dates in your calendar

No start order, no worries! The Fox Superflow is the series for those who are keen to take on an endurance challenge of a different kind! Riders of all ages and many different XC or gravity backgrounds race on ‘super-flowy’ singletrails for fun or are hunting down those seconds for the win.

Step 2: Don’t worry about leave passes: bring your mates & family!

These races are ideal for those who are keen to take on an endurance challenge of a different kind! We make sure that at our Fox Superflows riders of all ages and many different XC or gravity backgrounds race on ‘super-flowy’ singletrails for fun or are hunting down those seconds for the win.

How it works – within a set timing window you complete a set of timed race stages, which are predominantly downhill – the faster you go, the more challenging it gets! No big jumps or drop-offs though and you ride to the starts un-timed – at your pace! Spend all day together, whatever category you’re in – perfect for families, groups of mates and couples of different ages and riding preferences! Who’s going to clock in the fastest time?

However, you can also bring your non-racing partner and families along – we pick venues and locations that offer fun activities for them while you race. Ahead of each event we put together information in blogs and newsletters with ideas and tips about the regions we take you to.

Step 3: Register for the race online

Very easy, hop onto the online registration portal. Each event part of the series is actually a stand-alone race with their own portal (see links above); registration for Thredbo is open already. – all series info and entry fees are on our website too.

Step 4: Is your bike race-ready? Here is an exclusive deal for #rockytrailracers!

The crew from TUNE Cycles have offered us a sweet SPECIAL Pre-Race Suspension Service at home or work exclusively for FOX Superflow Riders. Additionally they offer “mates rates” with 20% off general bike servicing & additional repair work.

Tune Cycles are a fusion of online showroom and mobile workshopand offer the convenience of online shopping and the support, guidance and expertise of your local bike store. So basically, they come to you and get your bike race-ready!

Based in Sydney their Mechanics are always stocked with common service parts including cassettes, chains, brake pads, cables, bottom brackets, tyres and tubes. Larger items are held in our local warehouse and shipping is included with any service.

Check out the Tune Cycles deals and contact them to arrange a service at home or workplace

Step 5: Start planning your trip

All registered riders get our email newsletters in the lead up to races and we send out rider briefings and information about each venue. Check out our race blogs for venue information with links to accommodation partners and options and what’s on off the race track.

Step 6: Meet the Rocky Trail crew on-site and get your race plate

Our race track for the Fox Superflow are always ready for recky rides on the Saturdays and many of our racers make it a weekend together with friends and family – ideas on what’s on off the race track are in our blogs ahead of each round. You can have a ride and chats out on track, review and dial your lines and we the Rocky Trail crew is on-site as well.

We communicate the facilities in the rider briefings in the lead-up, but at a minimum will have toilets and water on-site already.

We publish the race schedule with each series round (like here for Thredbo); generally race plates are handed out on Sunday morning from 8am and the tracks are open for previews/rides from 9am. Racing is generally between 11am and 3 or 4pm.

If you have any questions, concerns, feedback – please come and have a chat to us!

Round 6 of the Rocky Trail Entertainment’s Fox Superflow at Awaba, 2018

Step 7: Shred & Share

Enjoy the ride and give into your racing bug! You get to download all your race photos after the event for FREE as part of your entry fee, share them and your experiences – use our event hashtags and tag us on social media so we can follow your stories, we’d love to know about them!

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