Rocky Trail Academy events for Young Pinners

Did you know? Rocky Trail has a junior development programme with a line-up of events for young racers.

The Rocky Trail Academy is all about fostering the grass-roots development of the cycling sport.

There are another five Rocky Trail Academy junior events scheduled for this year and we have some more venues and dates that we are still working on in NSW and VIC.

Generally, the Schools MTB Comps are geared towards secondary students and based on our SuperflowTM format with three race tracks that challenge them across various skills – speed, endurance and technical riding abilities.
These events are held on a Friday and not only engage youth in healthy social and active recreation but brings a heightened appreciation of nature, the environment, self-reliance , self-learning and independence, all as part of riding a bike in the outdoors. By extension, this program also engages and educates teachers and parents.

The latest addition on the events calendar is the Rocky Trail Academy Junior GP – Logan at Daisy Hill on 9 May! This will be a special cross-country race for those young pinners 5-15 years with thanks to support from Logan City Council and RATS Cycling Club. This event is about building the children’s confidence in riding their bikes – the race plates will motivate them and nurture their community spirit in the sport we all love.
This is a traditional XC lap race, where the juniors can pick however many laps they want to do. The system will not enforce age group or genders and riders and parents can choose, which distance they believe their juniors are comfortable racing.

The confirmed 2021 line-up:

Rocky Trail Academy

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